My Experience

By Fariko Wolfie, 2016-04-06
My Experience
Hello, my name is Jackson aka Fariko Wolfie, I joined the team around early 2014 just to try and connect with other gamers. I didn't know anything about competitive at the time, I had seen Fariko.Impact on the dashboard of my xbox 360 that they had won an event, didn't really think anything about it. Well once I joined I was invited in to many Black Ops 2 teams that I had hard times with leaders of the teams, one leader scammed us all in thinking we were going to get huge and free scuf controllers and got us all hyped, he had Brainiac on his friendslist so we all believed him. I was really heartbroken when I found out it was all a lie, we all left that team and made are own right before Advanced Warfare came out and we were having a good time until a UK team in Fariko started to try and make my team drop me, they wanted me as one of there own. I got dropped from my Fariko team, I took it hard and decided to make my own, nobody joined it so I just gave up and moved on to Xbox One were people started to notice me. One day I'm playing AW and some one invites me to 8's, I join not expecting the king OpTic Scump to be in the lobby, This is not even made up, THE KING and Lord Savior Scump was in the lobby, he was also streaming on MLG at the time. I played well vs him and the subs of his channel, that was the only time I played 8's with a pro. Did run in to Killa and Mirx alot in pubs, both were in eLevate at the time. Also FaZe Censor while he was recording a video "I Sabotaged the FaZe House" is the name (I'm in it). I never found a good team for Xbox One so I tried out Battlefield Hardline with some friends, and we ended up being the best team in the game, we destroyed Pro Battlefield 4 Teams in the ESL cups, We won the ESL Championship for Battlefield Hardline and had the best team on MLG for battlefield under Siege Gaming. After Battlefield was done the team split up, some half moved to Rainbow 6 and the other to Black Ops 3. We still play, we are one of the strongest SnD GB's team on Xbox One, looking for a career in competitive gaming.
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So, as you may have noticed: we have changed the framework of our site. more to come next week. :)

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By Joseph Parker, 2016-03-19

Anyone looking to recruit on PS4 to try to make it into the pro scene hopefully?

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been awhile

By Fariko_Dashie, 2016-02-24

hey guys and gals! it's Dashie here! i know it's been forever since my last post but i have just been so busy! so first off i would like to say that i am no longer apart of Fariko Angels or FarikoField. we just weren't active and everyone was always too busy to practice. so with that said i will be on the look out for a new team. i also have a new twitter account! you can find me there with this username: @Xfariko_dashieX. i'm really looking forward to some followers! game wise i have BO3 and AW on the Xbox one. my GT is on my page. also feel free to friend me while your there! i will try to be more active on here. thank you all so much for your time and i hope you all have a nice day!

~Fariko Dashie

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Fariko S&D Team?

By Fariko SHAD, 2016-01-16

Hey, everyone. still on a grind looking for teammates to make a S&D team. Let me know If you guys still wanna play.
GT: shadified

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By Fariko SHAD, 2016-01-15


If anyone would like to join to go to the playoffs, let me know! comment down below!

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I'm a Online Tournament Player for Fariko!

By Fariko SHAD, 2016-01-15

Yo. My name is marcus. Honestly, I recently joined the team and I want to build a team for the MLG Team for playoffs on Xbox One Black Ops 3! I'm 19. So, no squeakers in my book. One condition; I use skype. So, if you invite me to the party, I'm sorry. I can't join. I also stream too!

GT: shadified

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Sub me on youtube

By Benjamin Garcia, 2016-01-15
Hey guys im starting my channel with the name fariko disaster i have currently 21 subs help me out!:)
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add me on xbox one

By Vega XII, 2016-01-13

I need gfx contactme via xbox or kik

KIK/ Ericswagdaddy GT/ Vega XII

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Quick Hello!!

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2016-01-07

195_blogs.jpgHi Guys and Girls,

Just thought I would post a quick hello, as I have been MIA for a very long time and I am just starting to get back into things now.

Some of you will know that I had a little boy last year so I took some much needed time off to spend with the little man, but now I am back and more determined than ever to get back into CoD.

Just saving up for my PS now (would have got it sooner but I just bought a house and my other half thinks fixing the roof is more important than a PS....) so will post again when I have some gaming related topics for you :)

Pic just cause hes a geezer....


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