Welcome to Fariko Gaming 2.0

Welcome to the new Fariko Gaming. It has been a while since you last heard from us. Well, now we are back. We are starting again and it will be a mix of new approaches and test-and-tried ones. The good old Yang-to-Yin-formula will be used again with a small update due to the new competitive model of 5 members per team. We really like this change because it emphasizes the need to focus on teambuilding; something many other organisations seem to have missed and something we have always been focussed on from the start.

For now we are focussing on one country and one game; as you may have guessed from the new logo above, we are focussing on Call of Duty of course; being the game that we became first world champions in in 2013. The starting country has been a discussion, but after careful deliberation we decided to start in the Netherlands first. Yes, you read that correctly: "first". If all goes well we will storm the UK, US and Australia at least and likely every other country that holds competitive Call of Duty events. We. Aim. Big. :)

Our general philosophy hasn't changed as is explained by our founder Fariko Brainiac in this video:

This time we will be focussing even more on the 99% of gamers that make up the competitive community by offering and organising events for teambuilding. More to come on that, keep an eye out on our events page or our main twitter account.

We are looking forward to see you all at LAN!

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