Valentine babydoll lingerie vixen! Topless Chloe Sims turns love-bug as she ties herself up in a bow

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VALENTINE VIXEN: babydoll lingerie Chloe Sims strips off in exclusive lingerie shoot [TREVOR ADAMS / MATRIXSTUDIOS]

The TOWIE babe sizzles sexy sleepwear as a lingerie love-bug in a cheeky and flirtatious Valentine's Day shoot.

Showcasing her pin-trim catwalk body, the 31-year-old lace chemise sleepwear Essex beauty struts her stuff in sultry undies while clutching heart helium balloons and flashing come-to-bed eyes.

Wearing sheer stockings and killer xxfddgsrsfde spiked heels, the mum-of-one wriggles her surgically-enhanced assets into the red and black corset, along with matching knickers and spicy grin.

In another sexy sleepwear 'outfit', petite Chloe flaunts her taut tum and ultra-long legs in a scarlet G-string thong, while going topless to tie herself up in a bow.

Yet lace chemise sleepwear despite celebrating the hallmark day that falls this week, singleton Chloe is going it alone.

Earlier this month, the veenered vamp didn't hold back in sharing her opinion with the nation, rocking a blingy 'Trust No Man' statement necklace as she hit the Robocop premiere.

IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE? Chloe is single at the moment [TREVOR ADAMS / MATRIXSTUDIOS]

REAR-LY CHEEKY: Chloe flaunts her posterior [TREVOR ADAMS / MATRIXSTUDIOS]

CHEEKY: Chloe gets flirtatious with balloons [TREVOR ADAMS / MATRIXSTUDIOS]

Focusing on her business, Chloe is now flying solo and putting all her efforts into her tanning company – which just so happens to be named after a former flame.

Since splitting from the father of daughter Madison, the reality star has remained relatively tight-lipped about who she invites beneath the sheets, including a fling with Joe Fournier who was later caught grabbing model Leilani Dowding's booty on a yacht after claiming he was away on business.

Reflecting on her whirlwind fame, Chloe said: "When I brought my book out I did a tour, and people were coming up to me mentioning parts of my life. They know my whole life story.

"I just thought it better for me to say everything in my own words, rather than someone else who has no feelings towards me hear something then write their own version of it.

"It's better to get all my s

out in the way it happened, give all the reasons behind it, and then that's it. No one can sell anything on me as I've said it all myself."

A HUMAN GIFT: Chloe ties herself in a bow [TREVOR ADAMS / MATRIXSTUDIOS]


She continued: "Fans relate to me, and the book is kind of a love story. I wanted it to have that element, I've named all my stuff after him [my ex].

"I call him Starships in the book, the name of my tanning line. I'm not with him anymore, we've been on/off for seven years. It just didn't work out."

Chloe also said that despite her showbiz lifestyle and entrepreneurial success, there's nothing more she would like than a wholesome family life.

She added: "Having my daughter keeps my feet on the ground because I go home to my real life.

"It's the best of both worlds, but it's not ideal. I'd prefer to just settle down and have a normal life.

"I get exhausted… travelling, working all day, coming home to sort the dog, see to Maddy, have everything ready for the next morning, do everything for school, then filming.

"Would I have preferred to settle down and have loads of kids? Yes."

Judging from these snaps, there'll be plenty of offers of domestic bliss flooding in...

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