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17 Jun 2013 07:31:37 @rorschak:

Welcome to Fariko Texas Cody. Glad to have you on board.

In reference to your PM, you are welcome to join or form a team with other Fariko Texas members if you'd like to play under the banner of Fariko Texas. My focus is to build a diverse group of Texas members so everyone will be able to form teams with players that have similar goals and aspirations. Eventually, I would like Fariko Texas to have several competitive teams on Xbox and PS3, as well as many casual and league teams composed of our members.

The first thing I would do is let the current and future group members know what type of team you would like to be a part of by posting on the group comment pageand on the groupFacebook Page.

As the group grows, more and more team member options will become available, and I'm confident you will find members of Fariko Texas that are looking for the same thing in a team that you are.

Good hunting,

-- Rorschak

16 Jun 2013 11:11:51 @rorschak:


Fariko Texas is a group for all the Texans that are part of Fariko. We accept competitive and casual players, and we invite you to join Fariko Texas. You can applyhereor

I started this group because I'm a Texan and I wanted to build competitive and casual Fariko teams with members from the state of Texas.

My goal is to have every Texas member of Fariko in the group Fariko Texas, and to form competitive and casual teams from within the group with an eye towards brand exposure and sponsorship.

If you join Fariko Texas, you will not be required to leave any current group you might be in.

We also have official pages for the group that you will be welcome to post content to.

Fariko Texas Facebook Page

Fariko Texas Twitter Page

Fariko Texas YouTube

I am on XBL, but PS3 members are welcome to join as well.

Good hunting,


(GT Fariko Rorschak)