Dustin "Redline" Rudolph

UMG 10K is Huge More Pros

By Dustin "Redline" Rudolph, 2012-12-18

So UMG is alot bigger that most will expect. There will be more Pro teams at this event than there ever was in any event during MW3. So with that being said teams that Place top 16 should really be looked at cause more than likely they will place Hi at a MLG event. Keep an Eye out for Favorite teams like Fariko.HiImpact OpTicGaming nV and Juked plus much more. For sponsors this will be a big deal to cause if a team places top 16 you should head for that team cause if MLG picks up Blackops2 this team will be a for sure Top team through out the season. Good Luck to all competitors we will be seeing you soon.


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