Dustin "Redline" Rudolph

UMG 10k Chicago Black Ops 2

UMG 10k Chicago Black Ops 2

Friday December 28 2012, 1:00 AM
@ Game Pazzo in Downers Grove, IL.
Attendees:  @Andrew Reynolds@Damon Barlow@Dustin "Redline" Rudolph


30 December 14:12

Fariko Impact is playing vs Roughnex on stream right now (Fariko 2-0 ahead)

Fariko Impact beat Fear 3-1

29 December 22:24PM

Unfortunately they weren't able to stream the full match of Fariko Impact vs Believe, but they won the first match, lost SND, after that Fariko won the CTF 5-0. Because its a best of 5 they needed to win 3 matches. The last map was Hardpoint on Raid. Karma did some nice work with the shotgun, and they won this match.

Tomorrow they will playing their next match

29 December 7:52 PM

Fariko Impact: They are playing Team Believe next.

Fariko UNIT: Fariko UNIT got eliminated after a 2-0 defeat against Fierce

29 December 4:58PM

Fariko Impact's match has just finished. They beat Clockwork in a thrilling match 2-1. Fariko won Hardpoint by a few points, next up was SND which Clockwork won. The 3rd match started of good, they were a flag ahead, and Fariko had some killstreaks. Unfortunately someone made a mistake selecting the map, and they had to change to Raid. After a thrilling CTF game Fariko won and advanced to the next round.

29 December 4:18PM

Fariko Impact won their first map against Clockwork, it was a very close Hardpoint match on Plaza. Twisted from Clockwork making some sick kills. Fariko Impact had a bye the first round so they didnt have a lot of time to warm up. Lets see how the next map goes!

Fariko UNIT lost against icoNs 2-0 

29 December 4:02PM

Esport Nation just posted a picture of Fariko Impact getting ready for their first match of today. They will be playing on main stage vs Clockwork 



Sean Schmidt
17 Dec 2012 02:02:08 @sean-schmidt:
I'm up for it
♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit
22 Nov 2012 11:13:56 @sebastiaan-dsis-smit:
Wow cool, thats a lot of price money :). I wish i lived there :) Good luck, and please let me know here when the rules are announced, im curious if the differ from the european rules alot.