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Erick Cruz
18 Apr 2013 02:53:41 @erick-cruz:
There is, I'm just trying to see all the ppl that are actually gonna commit BC some just put that they wanna join but don't really seem interested. I'll settle it by tomorrow, it's just that I'm a high school junior and this month is crazy hectic with testing and studying. But I'll get it done tomorrow bro :)
Fariko Remyy
18 Apr 2013 02:43:07 @fariko-remyy:
Hey is there gonna be a co-leader or have you decided not to?
Fariko Remyy
17 Apr 2013 05:01:26 @fariko-remyy:
Hey, do we have any tournaments or GB's coming up?
Fariko EnigmaZ
16 Apr 2013 15:25:25 @fariko-enigmaz:
sup i recently joined the site and are looking for a team, Gt AAswanton