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Team Jerseys

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2016-09-07

Hello everyone, 

Just a quickie from me today as I'm on my lunch break but I've just placed an order to get the Vixens 2017 jerseys designed so I'm a little bit excited :D 

Hopefully we will finally have a Jersey for the team in a couple of weeks and just in time for CoD IW and ready for the grind.

We will be streaming on release date too for everyone that wants to get a first hand experience of the game.

I will post more info when I know who is streaming when but I want to get a schedule together first to keep it simple. 

Anyway must run, much <3

Barbie x 

New Year, New Team

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2016-05-06

Hi guys and dolls, 

Just wanted to keep you all updated regarding the EU Female Team...some of you may already know that we are no longer called the Fariko Foxtrots. If we are honest it has been a long time coming as Fariko Dalu has taken a step back from CoD and has started playing a role play game. I've watched her a number of times and its hilarious twitch.tv/fariko_dalu if you wanna pop in yourself. 

Anyway, as the Foxtrots was her baby we didn't feel right still playing under that name as everything we wanted to do or were looking at doing was asking for the owner to be the one to be in contact and make enquiries. So after being called Cougars for a while (in honour of Jezebel and myself) we changed our team name to Fariko Vixens. So we still have the Fox theme but just slightly different. :)

We are still looking for two girls as work schedules and well just having a life means that we cannot all be on at the same time most nights so we need a couple of strong dedicated girls to join our team. The girls must be willing to put time and effort in, have a PS4 and be based in the EU. If this sounds like you or someone you know please get in touch with me on twitter @fariko_barbie and we will have a few games and see how we get on!! 

And now for some shameful promo.... I have just managed to get my streaming back on track after a good couple of years. I had to buy a new computer and use new software to get up and running again so I don't have a great amount of followers (I think I'm on 10...and one of those is me) so if you would all be so kind as to follow my twitch/twitter I will be ever so grateful 




Thank you for taking time to read my blog and I will be back soon for some more updates on the team :)

See ya laters 

Barbie X

Quick Hello!!

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2016-01-07

195_blogs.jpgHi Guys and Girls,

Just thought I would post a quick hello, as I have been MIA for a very long time and I am just starting to get back into things now.

Some of you will know that I had a little boy last year so I took some much needed time off to spend with the little man, but now I am back and more determined than ever to get back into CoD.

Just saving up for my PS now (would have got it sooner but I just bought a house and my other half thinks fixing the roof is more important than a PS....) so will post again when I have some gaming related topics for you :)

Pic just cause hes a geezer....


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EGL 13 (ish)

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-07-30

Hey Guys,

So last month I flew over to Holland and met up with Anne and Yumi, I enjoyed it that much when I got back to the UK I was speaking to Jezebel and we decided that we were going to meet up too :) So as I live in Blackpool and EGL was here last weekend we thought that would be the perfect place for us to go. The weather was perfect (unless you were walking to town) I met Jezebel and Mystic at the train station and after a lil pop around town we headed to Norbreck Castle. We entered the hall and it was alot smaller than I had imagined it would be and not that much seemed to be happening, we learnt later that there was an issue with the internet and they couldn't get the connection to the main stage to work. We watched a few games and waited about an hour and a half for the internet to be fixed but it was taking too long so we headed to the pub (as you do) then we spent the rest of the day in the arcades generally messing about but I had a great time and hopefully the next time we arrange a day out the whole team will be able to make it.

Gaming - Now I hold my hands up, I am finding really difficult to get my arse in gear and play Ghosts at the minute, I have no desire whatsoever to get shot round corners or before I even see the other person so I have been playing the Destiny Beta, now I love the 'campaign' mode although I don't really like the fact that other people help you with the missions I would much rather find everything myself as I like completing games on my own :) but the 'multiplayer' needs alot of work in my opinion, taking full clips to kill someone on certain guns when others can kill in three shots... I guess its like most games and its just a case of getting use to things so I will hold my full judgement until the full version is released in September.

Well that's all from me .... for now.

See Ya Later

Barbie x


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What A Month

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-07-14

Hi Guys,

As you already know it was Epicon at the beginning of the month so I flew over to be a part of it, I am so glad I did as I got to meet so many great people, everyone was very friendly and welcoming and I really appreciate everyone talking in English so I had at least half a clue as to what was going on!!

The event itself was amazing as Kaz said the Fariko stand always had people on and most of the time there was a queue forming for the next round of FFA. Anne and myself played mostly on the 2v2 stand and I believe I am right in saying that we only lost one match ( but we had a rematch and we won ;) ). I can't believe how much easier it is playing against people when you are on the same connection. What surprised me most was that I felt no pressure whatsoever when people were watching and I wasn't choking which as this was my first ever event I did believe would happen every now and then.

After I can home we started GBs again and on our first night we played two and won two :) I can't speak for the other girls but for me everything that we had been working on for the past couple of months just came together and we played like a team (even though there was only 3 of us playing) You can see our first game on my YT channel by the link below, I have had to cut the beginning as my Elgato was having a moment and kept freezing.


We have since played 2 more GBs and won one and lost the last one, I think that we were too tired during the last match and it showed through our lack of communication or failure to hear people when they did call out, but these thing you learn as you go and will only make us better.

I was hoping to have gamed all weekend but it seems like my profile has been corrupted as I cannot go past the start up screen on Call of Duty and it took me 10 hours of trying yesterday with me reinstalling my profile, the game, rebooting the console and then having to factory set the Xbox and then reinstall everything for me to even be able to get on the game! I HOPE that tonight it won't be like that or I have a feeling its going to be taking a little trip out of the window!! If you have any idea what is going on or how to fix it pllllleeeaaaasssseeeee comment and let me know! :)

See Ya Later

Barbie x


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@FarikoFoxtrots are recruiting

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-06-10

Hi Guys,

Just a quick one as I'm just on lunch but I wanted to let everyone know that the Foxtrots are recruiting.

Our requirements are simple:

  1. That you are female
  2. You live in the EU
  3. You play on the X box One
  4. You have/are able to get recording/streaming equipment
  5. You are able to travel to Lans and other gaming event.
  6. And most importantly YOU ARE ACTIVE!!

We have now started a nightly grind as we did on the 360 and will continue to do this every night so we need players that are able and willing to join.

Please contact Fariko Dalu if you are able to do the above or if you know someone that might be interested.

See Ya Later

Barbie x


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Down to One

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-05-29

Hey guys,

Little old me again, I am fed up of seeing my rather depressing blog as the last thing I have wrote on here so I decided to write again even though Dalu has just done hers :)

I don't know what has changed in the past month but my joy of playing has come back and I can't wait to geton-lineevery night after work again. Although my Xbox 360 has well and truly decided to give up its will to live the One has kept me sane and with Mystic and Dalu now having theirs I don't feel like I'm so alone.

As Jez mentioned we played a few games the other week and after endless attempts of us trying to use our Scuf paddles which of course weren't there we decided to try and play claw....absolutely bloody useless I was. I have no idea how people manage to run, aim, shoot and jump at the same time, I was shooting and when they were dead doing a leap of joy, jumping into walls, spraying from left to right and hoping some bullets hit, basically everything you shouldn't do!! But it was fun and we had a good time and that's the most important thing when playing in pubs. You can watch our failed attempts on my YouTube channel below.


After a few days relaxing in Tenerife (I took the girls with me....kinda)


I came back and I am moredetermined to get on the X Box and start playing regularly again,admittedly it is hard at the minute with only 3 of us having the X Box One, but luckily my other half is in a Clan so when I have been on my own I jump in with the boys and start bossing them about hehe. I hope that shortly we will be back grinding GBs again, no doubt I will have my behind handed to me until I really get my head around the normal controller and not having a head set - I didn't realise how frustrating it is not being able to hear everything. But I don't have alot of money so they will just have to come when they can but it won't stop me trying and that's what counts!!

Well that's all from me folks don't forget to follow me on Twitter, YouTube and Twitch ;) Next month I will be doing my firstgive-away(the piece of paper I did doesn't count) so keep your eyes peeled for that one!!

See Ya Later

Barbie x


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One thing after another!

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-05-01

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is all good!!

Feeling a bit indifferent at the minute about a few things and its showing with the lack of time I have spenton-linethe pastcouple of weeks. To be fair it was my birthday on Easter weekend so I spent the whole weekend either having BBQ's with my family or wandering down BlackpoolPromenade with my friends venturing in every pub we pass. We do this every year and normally end up back at my house before the sun goes down as we are getting a little older now BUT this year we managed to stay out longer than normal and no cranky hangover the day after either!! :)

Anyway back to my game...I have only just sorted out getting myself a new laptop and setting my elgato back up, everything was going fine until I noticed that my stream had started lagging a touch, I checked all the settings and everything was the same as it was before so I checked my internet...instantly regretted it as I was pulling a 1.5 download when my package is a 40. So now everyday without fail I am checking my speed and everyday it is under 10 and most of the time under 5, this completely puts me off gaming as people are appearing to bend bullets round corners now to kill me or sometimes killing me before they even appear on my screen. But what can you do? Apart from leave my internet provider and move somewhere else (which I am trying to do) there is nothing to do but to suck it up and carry on but I am raging ALOT which I apologise for if you are watching my stream and you catch me mid rant! :)

Also my profile on my 360 is kicking me out of parties and then offline nearly every night and bringing up an error code, so this is adding to my frustration of the above. It never does it when I am playing on my One though so it can't be an internet issue, maybe my 360 is dying on me, or maybe my profile can't keep up with the constant moving from the 360 to the One. Either way its annoying as I can't play with the team anymore without being kicked out of games so this also makes me not want to even try to play.

Sorry its a bit of a down hearted blog but that is just how I am feeling right now, no doubt in a few days after a good old rant to EE I will either have them fix my internet or I will be with someone else and I will be back to the annoying, loud gob shite you all know and either love or hate.

See Ya Later

Barbie x


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