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One thing after another!

By: Suzi - Fariko Barbie
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Hey guys,

Hope everyone is all good!!

Feeling a bit indifferent at the minute about a few things and its showing with the lack of time I have spenton-linethe pastcouple of weeks. To be fair it was my birthday on Easter weekend so I spent the whole weekend either having BBQ's with my family or wandering down BlackpoolPromenade with my friends venturing in every pub we pass. We do this every year and normally end up back at my house before the sun goes down as we are getting a little older now BUT this year we managed to stay out longer than normal and no cranky hangover the day after either!! :)

Anyway back to my game...I have only just sorted out getting myself a new laptop and setting my elgato back up, everything was going fine until I noticed that my stream had started lagging a touch, I checked all the settings and everything was the same as it was before so I checked my internet...instantly regretted it as I was pulling a 1.5 download when my package is a 40. So now everyday without fail I am checking my speed and everyday it is under 10 and most of the time under 5, this completely puts me off gaming as people are appearing to bend bullets round corners now to kill me or sometimes killing me before they even appear on my screen. But what can you do? Apart from leave my internet provider and move somewhere else (which I am trying to do) there is nothing to do but to suck it up and carry on but I am raging ALOT which I apologise for if you are watching my stream and you catch me mid rant! :)

Also my profile on my 360 is kicking me out of parties and then offline nearly every night and bringing up an error code, so this is adding to my frustration of the above. It never does it when I am playing on my One though so it can't be an internet issue, maybe my 360 is dying on me, or maybe my profile can't keep up with the constant moving from the 360 to the One. Either way its annoying as I can't play with the team anymore without being kicked out of games so this also makes me not want to even try to play.

Sorry its a bit of a down hearted blog but that is just how I am feeling right now, no doubt in a few days after a good old rant to EE I will either have them fix my internet or I will be with someone else and I will be back to the annoying, loud gob shite you all know and either love or hate.

See Ya Later

Barbie x