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EGL 13 (ish)

By: Suzi - Fariko Barbie
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Hey Guys,

So last month I flew over to Holland and met up with Anne and Yumi, I enjoyed it that much when I got back to the UK I was speaking to Jezebel and we decided that we were going to meet up too :) So as I live in Blackpool and EGL was here last weekend we thought that would be the perfect place for us to go. The weather was perfect (unless you were walking to town) I met Jezebel and Mystic at the train station and after a lil pop around town we headed to Norbreck Castle. We entered the hall and it was alot smaller than I had imagined it would be and not that much seemed to be happening, we learnt later that there was an issue with the internet and they couldn't get the connection to the main stage to work. We watched a few games and waited about an hour and a half for the internet to be fixed but it was taking too long so we headed to the pub (as you do) then we spent the rest of the day in the arcades generally messing about but I had a great time and hopefully the next time we arrange a day out the whole team will be able to make it.

Gaming - Now I hold my hands up, I am finding really difficult to get my arse in gear and play Ghosts at the minute, I have no desire whatsoever to get shot round corners or before I even see the other person so I have been playing the Destiny Beta, now I love the 'campaign' mode although I don't really like the fact that other people help you with the missions I would much rather find everything myself as I like completing games on my own :) but the 'multiplayer' needs alot of work in my opinion, taking full clips to kill someone on certain guns when others can kill in three shots... I guess its like most games and its just a case of getting use to things so I will hold my full judgement until the full version is released in September.

Well that's all from me .... for now.

See Ya Later

Barbie x


fariko epic
31 Jul 2014 11:07:18 @fariko-epic:

blackpool arcades = awesome