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New Year, New Team

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2016-05-06

Hi guys and dolls, 

Just wanted to keep you all updated regarding the EU Female Team...some of you may already know that we are no longer called the Fariko Foxtrots. If we are honest it has been a long time coming as Fariko Dalu has taken a step back from CoD and has started playing a role play game. I've watched her a number of times and its hilarious twitch.tv/fariko_dalu if you wanna pop in yourself. 

Anyway, as the Foxtrots was her baby we didn't feel right still playing under that name as everything we wanted to do or were looking at doing was asking for the owner to be the one to be in contact and make enquiries. So after being called Cougars for a while (in honour of Jezebel and myself) we changed our team name to Fariko Vixens. So we still have the Fox theme but just slightly different. :)

We are still looking for two girls as work schedules and well just having a life means that we cannot all be on at the same time most nights so we need a couple of strong dedicated girls to join our team. The girls must be willing to put time and effort in, have a PS4 and be based in the EU. If this sounds like you or someone you know please get in touch with me on twitter @fariko_barbie and we will have a few games and see how we get on!! 

And now for some shameful promo.... I have just managed to get my streaming back on track after a good couple of years. I had to buy a new computer and use new software to get up and running again so I don't have a great amount of followers (I think I'm on 10...and one of those is me) so if you would all be so kind as to follow my twitch/twitter I will be ever so grateful 




Thank you for taking time to read my blog and I will be back soon for some more updates on the team :)

See ya laters 

Barbie X