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hey there

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-04-08

Hey guys,

Just a short one from me this time around as I haven't been playing much this week as I have spent half of it in Italy with work...I know such a hard life :) It was raining for most of the time I was there though which was a bit of a bummer but it wasn't a holiday and I didn't get much time to spend outside so it didn't bother me.

The Foxtrots are now going to be mainly focused on GBs from now on, and we are starting the grind tonight/tomorrow depending on peoples work schedules. Apart from that there hasn't been a lot to report really. Still playing 8's which is sooooooo time consuming as we are having to start and stop constantly as people keep dropping out after one game, but we are persevering as we always will! Don't forget to keep an eye out on our twitter as this is where we willannouncetheday and times!

@farikofoxtrots & @fariko_barbie

Also want to say a quick sorry for not streaming much lately but my laptop seems to haveacquireda virus that is stopping allthe internet browsers working......nice!! As soon as this is fixed I will be up and running.


See Ya Later

Barbie x


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Time to rant!

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-03-25

Hi everyone,

So as you know I posted a blog last week about Titanfall and due to some rescheduling I was up to write again yesterday and I couldn't for the life of me think of anything to say. So instead I'm going to have a rant about the uneducated and immature little boys that we Foxtrots have to face every time we play on-line.

In the beginning it wasn't too bad it was the usual 'Oh my god look at these fanboys!' then when the penny dropped 'WTF you doing on an Xbox, get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich' ..... very original I know. But lately it seems to be getting worse, we are getting called 'Fat, Ugly, Sl*gs, Sh*t, Wannabes etc' and to be honest it makes me just want to flip out and really get into it but I don't want to bring the name of Fariko or the Foxtrots down so I have now resorted to muting EVERYONE that we end up in a game with no matter if we are in a pub game or scrimming I simply am refused to talk to people. This is NOT what I want to do but due to the ignorance and narrow-mindedness of some people I have no choice so if you ever end up in a game with me please do not think that I am ignoring you I just can't hear you. This however doesn't seem to be deterring all the haters as I now have messages sent to me about how I am a fake Fariko, Fariko haven't done anything since Impact and no-one with a KD like mine would ever be allowed to join a team.

So there you have it, not a very pleasant blog but I thought you might want to know some of the issues that we girls get on xbox and I'm sure everyone has had the old fanboy/fake fariko thrown at them so next time you do, don't worry about it, try not to rise to their level and get your sweat on and KICK THEIR ARSE and make them eat their words. Reminds me of the team that told us we were going to get our asses whooped (but they used other words) and then when we thrashed them .... they went very quiet!!

See Ya Later

Barbie x

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Having an affair!!

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-03-21


So recently I have been having an affair with someone younger, better looking and faster. It started about a week ago now and I found myself being drawn towards them and never wanting to be apart!! They arrived at my work on Friday and most of Friday night and the weekend I was with them. Although I now have reverted back to my old beau most night and I hardly ever get to see the new fling I am still drawn to them and I know that one day soon I will have to give in to my urges and have an hour or two of elicit pleasure :)

Of course I am talking about Titanfall, a game I have been waiting for for MONTHS and I have to admit I am amazed at the graphics and game play. They have obviously been listening to the gaming world as capture the flag is back and bloody better than ever. I am gutted that there is no 'campaign' mode as such as this really helps you get a feel of guns and how to have your set up but the on-line version is ok and it is good that you get to play both sides of the story. I honestly couldn't tell you what the storyline was as most of the time I am messing about changing things on my Titan to make her more of a beast. (yes she is a girl in my head) The games are just the right length and the 'extra' robots make it feel like you're unstoppable. I have a secret mission to try and kill as many titans as possible instead of going for the pilots as I find it more of a challenge and interesting, it has ruined my KD a bit but who cares, lol.

I still am working my way round the game but if you're on the One and fancy a game HMU and next time I'm on we'll have a play!! :)

See Ya Later

Barbie x


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I'm Back!

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-03-05

Hey guys,

So I have been a little quiet recently so thought it was about time to break the silence!!

A couple of major things have happened since my last blog, one major impact on the team and one majorimpact in my life.

Firstly, Ingjard decided to leave the Foxtrots which may have come as a shock for many people but not really for us girls. For weeks before hand there had been a few issues within the team on deciding how we were to spend our nights ..... Scrimming, 8's, Clan Wars or Pubs, most people wanted to have a mixture keeping a balance of playing comp teams and also having a bit of fun. However, Ingjard didn't like playing pubs as she didn't enjoy them and also felt like it wouldn't teach her how to be a better player, so we would play together in Scrims and then when we were going to jump into a pub game she would go and find an 8's lobby. This wasn't an issue at first but as the days went on it seemed to be happening more and more which eventually led to Ingjard feeling left out and I personally felt like she didn't want to play with us anymore. We all knew Ingy as the mad one of the team who always used to laugh and chat away and this seemed to change and I don't think she was enjoying playing with us like she used to. Anyway she decided to leave and this is where we are today. We all wish her the best and hope that she grows as a player and finds the right team for her, I hope that she still sees us as her friends and knows that she can still come and talk to us about anything.

I would just like to say at this point that the Fariko Foxtrots are a solid and focused team and although one player did decide to leave we still have 5 great players and an amazing coach and manager so anyone that thinks that we are weakened or not set on our goals are very much mistaken!! :)

Secondly, last week I had laser eye surgery which has meant that I have not been able to play for a number of days and I am starting to miss my girls and playing so much that I sneaked on late last night and had a couple of games (while no-one was watching to shout at me) with Dalu and Brainiac. I don't know whether it was psychological but I felt like even though my eyes are still slightly blurry and no where near being healed my accuracy was actually better and I could see more, mind you I apparently have theaccuracy of Tom Cleverley according to my X box so it couldn't get much worse, lol.

I hope to be able to jump on again for a couple of hours each day this week as straining my eyes is something I really don't want to do and although (touch wood) I have have no pain whatsoever either during or after the surgery I don't really want to push it as it is my sight and I kinda need that!!

That's all folks.

See Ya Later

Barbie x

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One more thing down!

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-02-04

144_blogs.pngJust little old me once again asking the community for help :)

If you are following my blogs you will know that I recently asked for help in choosing a TV Monitor and was looking into getting my set-up together as the Foxtrots are planning to really get our heads into competitive gaming this year. Well last week I bought my Elgato Gaming Capture Card and after a bit of help from Dalu got everything up and running. I have come across a few issues that I need some help with though...

1, It has decided that my best and nearest server is in Asia - I think I have changed this now to London but will have to look into it properly next time I have the chance.

2, Even though my U/L speed is over 10 the stream seems to be really lagging and I can't seem to figure out why.

I would be forever grateful if any of you amazing people could tell me how to get this fixed as I really want to start streaming and get some videos on YouTube. And as I am generally a bit of a fruitcake I'm sure they will provide plenty of entertainment for anyone watching - probably be laughing at me rather than with me but I don't mind as long as I can make people laugh :)

The Foxtrots took part in anon-linetournament on Friday and once again placed 2nd - we played alot better as team this time and we aredefinitely coming close toachievingour goal of taking that 1st place!

Next time it WILL be us on top!!

See ya later

Barbie x

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That #PinkWall

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-01-15


Hey Guys and Girls!!

Hope everyone is good and not feeling those January blues :)

So I had a very heavy weekend this weekend, a few months ago that would normally mean that I went out and drank.... a lot, but now it means that my Xbox got a bashing (in a good way)!

Dalu, Mystic, Jezebel and I decided that we were going to fit in as many scrims as we could this weekend and we managed to get 6 under our belts (Bo5) and come out winning 5, which is great but we really wanted it to be 6 out of 6. Now given the fact that our Manager Brainiac set us a goal back on Black Ops 2 to scrim 100 times and come out winning 1 you could say that we have achieved more than anyone had expected in the 5 months that we have all been together. Also taking into account that we have only had our amazing new coach for just over 1 month and you can already see the improvement I believe that we are doing fantastic and heading in the right direction.

I was watching Optic scrim the other night and instead of just doing the rotation like we do (Dom, SnR, Blitz) they played Dom on each of the maps then moved to onto the next game mode... etc This is a better way (in my opinion) of going through the maps as I'm not sure about what everyone else has noticed but players I have come across have all chosen the same 3 maps to play so you don't really get alot of practice on the others. This happened to us in the scrim we played last night where the maps chosen by the other team were ones that we hadn't really gone through and it showed.

So my question is this (and I'm going out on a limb as I haven't asked Dalu her opinion on this yet). Who fancies a scrim like Optic (the old Optic but not the old old Optic...hehe) played? It might take some time but it will help our/your game play and at the end of the day isn't that what matters??

Let me know if you fancy a challenge :)

See Ya Later

Barbie x

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New Year :)

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2014-01-06


Hi everyone,

Only a quick one from me this week, just wanted to say I hope you all had a Great Xmas and New Year!!

The Foxtrots have had a nice little break but now we're back and more focused than ever to get training and scrimming to help us improve our game. If you would like to scrim against us please message Fariko Yumi and she will arrange the time :)

Well that's pretty much it this week as my Xbox is calling me.

See Ya Later

Barbie x


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Finding a Balance

By Suzi - Fariko Barbie, 2013-12-24


Hey guys,

If you are following the Foxtrots blogs you will know that we are no longer participating in public games on Ghosts which is brilliant and sad all at the same time.


  1. Pubs do my head in, I try to only use comp guns and perks so I can learn to play to them better and also try and find out which set up suits my style of play best, and the amount of time that I come across a clan running round with riot shields and C4's is just ridiculous. Don't get me wrong I would do the same if I was just messing about but when you are trying to work towards a goal it sure is annoying.
  2. We need to start playing as a four and getting our strategies sorted for when we enter competitions, we did come second in the first tournament we entered on Ghosts but second is not where we want to be.
  3. We need to focus on competitive maps for the same reason as above.
  4. To play against other competitive players as they play different from pub gamers.
  5. To try and erase nerves when we play Scrims as it can seriously affect your game-play.


  1. I like ranking up, my mate and I have a race to the top of the ranks and also up the leader board and I was well and truly whooping his behind until last week.

Yeah that was the only negative point I have :) bit one sided really haha.

Anyway so if you fancy jumping in a 8's lobby with me (I will be doing this most nights unless we have a scrim) message me with your GT and I will invite you.

See Ya Later

Barbie x

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