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11 Jul 2013 20:01:15 @rorschak:


Be sure to change your gamertag on your Fariko profile so other members will be able to connect with you on XBL.

Also, you'll want to repost one of your earlier comments about team formation to the main group pagehereso members will know where to find you. I have provided the text of that comment below.

"I'm looking to join the competitive xbox team. I play slayer. I have a scuf, astro a40's, a benq monitor, and FiOS internet, so you can count on me to win gunfights. I play everyday, as soon as i wake up. anyways, if you want to pick me up or start the team here, add me/message me on xbox. thanks gamertag: JPaux" <---- be sure to change this.

Good hunting,

-- Rorschak