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Catch up.

By Fariko Jezebel, 2015-11-09

Hey guys and gals!!

Just a short blog.

Firstly, BO3... For me personally I am quite enjoying it. Its alot different than AW. (not garbage) Im liking the wall running alot better than the boost jumping. The only thing I'm not liking is the 'Specialists' I find that I can go on a really good streak then get killed by someone camping with the bow and get killed instantly.

What are everyones thoughts on BO3 so far?



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By Fariko Jezebel, 2015-03-23

Hey everyone,

Sorry that it's been about a decade since I last posted a blog, don't really have an excuse to be honest.

Well what can I tell you thats new..

We had 2 new members join the team Missy and Giggles... Then they left due to focus on personal things. That was swiftly followed by the departure of Dagra which came as a surprise. So now its back down to the original Foxes.

Hopefully we can all start back on grinding together soon. This CoD hasn't been good to anyone, due to the game being connection based (as always) and well.. broken.

The only good thing for me anyway lately is my search game has gotten a lot better.

Any time anyone wants to join give me a shout and I will be happy to pick you up.


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Jezebel here!

By Fariko Jezebel, 2014-05-11

Hey guys and gals!

hope you are all good!

Sorry for the very overdue blog. Work has been hectic as per usual, pulling in 6 day working weeks, so that sucks. Anyways what can I tell you all that other Foxies havent said.

We have been doing some GB's which have been going pretty well considering our win/loss record. Some of you probably saw a tweet that Dalu tweeted about us choking in our last games which 90% of the time costs us winning. Hopefully we can overcome that little bump in our journey.

We did do a GB of not raging which in my opinion helped alot, I find that once someone rages (including myself) I play like utter crap and myself become frustrated. We did a pound/euro in a kitty for everytime someone raged and no one raged lol.

What else is there... Oh yeah Fariko MysTic bought a xbox one, whoop whoop. Playing titanfall was fun to play... At first but after a while it gets a little repetitive, to me its not really a team working based shooter, its more of a run round like a loon and jump everywhere shooting at enemies. I did play my first Ghosts game on the one with Fariko Barbie which was fun, we decided to try and play claw which was a complete fail and shall not be attempted ever again. As we have been so used to using our Scufs we kept press the back of the controller where the paddles would be to find nothing.

Thats all from me!



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Progression in search games and random messages.

By Fariko Jezebel, 2014-03-31

Hey all!

Hope everyone is good!

So just 2 things to talk about today. The first thing being messages from random people from lobbies and the newest one from a Fariko member believe it or not. Now I'm used to getting the hate from people after they either end up getting their butts whooped or the majority of the time it's for having 'Fariko' in a GT.

90% of messages are the general 'fanboy' dribble but this one message from a member was the shocker.

This is what he said....

"People like you make him mad the fact you think you can change your name and think you're in Fariko. You're most probably not even a community member, you piece of shit, look at your random friends list. Fuck off."

He clearly didn't read my bio, nor actually look to see if I was a member... Moron.

The second thing I want to talk about is how I think I have gotten a whole lot better at search & destroy the past few weeks, compared to how I used to play. Now I'm not a search player, and honestly it's my least favourite game mode. I've noticed how I don't panic as much, or even at all now, I have clutched quite a few games. Where as before I would just hide and be nooby and die.

Well thats all from me today.

Stay Foxy



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Not really a blog...

By Fariko Jezebel, 2014-03-12

Hey guys,

As you might of seen from previous blogs the situation between people leaving and things being said and what not.....Well I was always told if I don't have anything nice to say not to say anything at all. So here's me not saying anything about what has gone on.

In other news that is totally irrelevant MysTic and I got new internet and I bought her a dog... But seriously other than gaming with the girls playing pubs AND SCRIMMING! I've just worked, ate, game, slept. Pretty much in that order :D

Hope all you guys are good and don't be shy to send me a message either on XBL or twitter to game.

Laters Jez.


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Blog time.

By Fariko Jezebel, 2014-02-09

Hey everyone,

Sorry its been a while since the last blog, been a busy one with working now I have a million hours a week rather than 12 a week!

Well what's been happening with the Foxtrots... Some of the girls entered the female cup and did pretty damn good getting to the final but unfortunately getting beat by the KillerFish ladies, still been scrimming and working hard as usual.

As some of you have probably seen Dalu has been working on some GFX designing, which I have to say are pretty beasty. So if you're lucky and polite enough you could get a personalised GFX from her ;)

This yeah there are a couple of gaming conventions that we will be attending so keep an eye out for any further information on this and if you see us at any of them come say hi!!

That is all from me today as I am at work :D

Laterz, Jez


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Its chriiiiiiistmaaaaaas!!!

By Fariko Jezebel, 2013-12-24


Well first of all let me just say a big thank you for all the support and good things you have been saying about us, really means alot.

Secondly.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you all dont drink to much and are safe over the holidays! That first part is a lie, drink till the moon becomes the sun!!!

Right to business, as you are all aware we have stopped playing pubs to focus on more competitive play, but on the odd occassion I will be on pubs to play with a few of you, friends and family. If you want to play with us more often though get in on the 8's that we'll be hosting.

Oh and since my last blog about the scuf paddles, dont worry I've gotten used to them now :P

That is all from me now till probably next week if not will be a few weeks as I'm moving next week and wont have no interwebs for a few days!

Happy holidays!!


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Sponsored by Scuf Gaming!!!! Say whaaaaa!

By Fariko Jezebel, 2013-12-10


So as you are aware from the rest of the girls previous blogs that we, The Foxtrots have been sponsored by Scuf Gaming!!

Glad to know that all our hard work and dedication hasnt gone unoticed and we shall keep grinding and do Fariko, Scuf and you guys proud.

I love the controller but I just have to learn to use the paddles lol. If any of you guys have any recommendations on what will work best on the paddles will be muchly appreciated, I'm a Scuf n00b.

Hopefully in the new year once I've moved house and got settled and got the Xbox One and sorted out my laptop, or bought a new one I can start recording and streaming for you guys, but beware I rage... alot.

Thats all for now guys, till next time.

Peace, Jez

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