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Fariko Xphyr

PS4 Black ops 3

Looking for a 6man+ team also looking...
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Fariko Xphyr

If you want to join...

Hey if you guys want to join my new...
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Fariko Xphyr

Any teams I can join

Message me if I'm eligible to join a...
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Fariko Xphyr

New Member

My xbox gt is Fariko Xphyr please...
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Fariko Xphyr
@fariko-xphyr • last year • comments: 1
Posted a new Comment on Looking for a team:
"Hey I'm recruiting but have 0 members just started today maybe we can call Fariko Zoom? If u have another name in mind id love to hear it in open to all..."
Fariko Xphyr
@fariko-xphyr • last year • Shared By 1 follower(s)comments: 0
Created a new discussion "PS4 Black ops 3 ":
"Looking for a 6man+ team also looking for names hmu on psn to join - Fariko Xphyr"
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