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Infinite dislikes on Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

By: Fariko Yumi
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Hi guys!

Like always it has been a while! And everytime when i see something about Call of Duty I always think about Fariko Gaming! So its the right dicision to talk about COD Infinite warfare here. 

Warfare was my favorite game title of CoD, it started my first team on that one and the game machanics was for me perfect. I lost interest with Black Ops series and most of the time I played zombies. So i was waiting for a new CoD release, because Warfare makers were here to make another one. But just like millions others, YES MILLION dislikes on their video, I wasnt happy, because its going to play in space??? lik WTF. I love CoD because its close combat , small maps, fast paise so on. Okay the  trailer only shows some cinematics and lets hope its only the story mode that your in space, but lets me honest after the exo suit i think this will be weird as well.

The only thing that got me HYPED is that CoD 4 will be remastered!! i almost cried of happyness, because that was the game for me together with MW2. I still remember the words: NUKE INCOMING!!! But to bad you cant buy the game seperated. Ofcourse you have to pay for the whole bundle and pay to much for a game nobody wants to play. 

I will track this news and pray to game gods that the game will be sold seperated. Otherwise i have to fine somebody will sell it to me. WINK WINK!!

What do you guys think about the new CoD?? I hope that the Fariko Vixen will play CoD 4 with me!! because i def will play that one!!

Well see you next time.

xoxo Yumi