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So, as you may have noticed: we have changed the framework of our site. more to come next week. :)

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Next Phase of Teambuilding

By Fariko, 2014-10-01

183_blogs.pngWith the upcomming release of the next version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, I have been preparing an expanded approach to teambuilding. Some of you have seen the new group called Team Buildingwhich will be the central place to help with team building.

To this effect I also created an introductory video explaining what Fariko team Building consists of.

Make no mistake, we will not only continue to help Call of Duty players with team building but also ALL other games in which teams are involved. I will explain more in the upcomming blogs and videos. :)

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As of now I am no longer privately sponsoring Yin teams for Call of Duty Ghosts. If InfityWard cannot support their own game, why should I? Numerous things have been fixed very late (like domination automatic round switch 7 months into the game?) but the latest "fix" tops it all: Not only did they introduce the bombglitch online, but NO communication about it at all since august 4th. The consequence of this is that effective immediately the Yin-teams will no longer receive 400 euro after placing highest amongst Fariko teams at a sanctioned LAN. Sponsorship may start again when SledgeHammer produces Advanced Warfare. Hopefully they have improved the online hitdetection by then.

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EpiCon around the corner

By Fariko, 2014-07-01

Next weekend Epicon will organise its first event. The Epicon Summer eventwill be 2 days of eSports in the Netherlands. The Epicon Winter eventwill also have cosplay amongst other things later this year. But the first edition will focus on eSports mainly. Competitions are organised by ESL in League of Legends, DoTa, Starcraft and other games. As Fariko we have been asked to provide the visitors with a Masterclass in Call of Duty eSports. And this Fariko Masterclass will consist of 3 stages the visitors can attend:

  1. A Free-For-Fall test to determine the individual gunskills of the vistors;
  2. A 2v2 test to determine the teamspirit;
  3. Taking a MBTI explained by Brainiac himself.

The FFA is where a couple of Fariko players will help out: Barbie, Anne, Acta and Experienz. For every FFA test one of those top dutch players will join the FFA to give the visitors a sense of where they stand, according to their relative gunskills.

The 2v2 is for the top 4 finishers of the FFA and is meant to experience one of the most important eSports skill: Teamspirit. The 2v2 will be played on gamemodes that require constant planning and communication as a team.

The MBTI-testwill be given to the winners of the 2v2 and they will receive an explanation by Fariko Brainiac how it works in teambuilding.

176_blogs.pngBut there is more!

We will also re-invite the top FFA-players for a FFA-match where they can win a Keep-Calm-Build-Teams shirt! At the end of the morning and end of the day these finales will be held amongst the top-qualifying visitors! Fariko-members that are visiting can also join the competition. (except for Barbie, Anne, Acta and Experienz ofcourse ;) )

Make sure to check www.epicon.nl for extra information and come and visit us when you're at Epicon next weekend 5&6 July!

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Keep Calm competition

By Fariko, 2014-06-25


The competition is real simple: buy a Keep Calm shirt, post a selfie and have a chance of getting a custom hoodie!


  1. Buy a Keep Calm T-shirt in the appropriate shop (American shop, European shop)
  2. Make a selfie with you wearing the T-shirt
  3. post your selfie on twitter or onwww.farikogaming.com/photo
  4. post a link to your selfie in THIS blog(the one you are reading right now)
  5. wait till first of august (2014/08/01) when we pick and announce the winner.
  6. The winner gets a FULLY customised hoodie.

Ad 1. Australians can use the American shop as well. :)

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167_blogs.pngLast weekend the Dutch LAN organisation ReflexGTheld their 12th edition! And even with a few hickups on saturday it was an overall success with a large turn out of teams. Not only many Dutch teams but also other European teams came to visit the long lasting RGT LAN. It may have something to do with it being held in Amsterdam, but I'll leave that up to you to decide. ;)

Beside that, ReflexGT has always been a qualifying LAN to acquire the Yin-title and corresponding funding. This time the longstanding Yin team lead by Fariko Acta was challenged by the Yang team lead by Fariko Qhantom. And the newcommers were actually able to place higher than the current Yin, thus dethroning the "oldies" and taking the Yin title. So congrats to the new Yin team from the Netherlands:

  1. Huseyin "Qhantom" Soykan
  2. Tristan "Wizzx"
  3. Shady "Jambo" Elshami
  4. Vito "Persiv" Krebbes

There will be another ReflexGT in September where the Yin-title will be available to the competing Fariko-teams.

For now, again congrats to the new Yin.NL-team! :)

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Ever since I started the eSports division of Fariko there is one question that has been asked the most: "How do I get noticed?" This specific tweet triggered me to write this blog:

@FarikoBrainiac i just joined but i wanna get noticed but not 2 much tips plz

Fariko Gamma (@Ironicfusion) 31 mei 2014

Well, coincidentally I have recently redesigned our @Fariko Twittermain page to actually tell the story what Fariko Gaming is all about. it is a 4-step-process in eSports:

  1. Getting noticed
  2. Build a team
  3. Practice
  4. Compete

Many think getting noticed is by merely writing down a resume with ones K/D, track record and what ever experience someone has. That is also why I put "Getting Noticed" as number 1 on that list of steps in eSports. Wrong. It is not about waiting to get noticed then to build a team, practice and compete. It is about joining teams, practising (with or without teams) and competing wherever you can. While doing all those three things YOU WILL GET NOTICED.

Plain and simple. Go out there and compete as much as you can.

Now for a perfect example of a team that understood this principal: even while there is no Yin-title in Australia there is this teamleader Liam "Fariko Silent" Allenthat understood how to get noticed. He did approach me a while back with an outstanding application, presenting his team and members. Mind you, I get many applications like this and I always tell the teamleader to go compete at LAN and that is where the story usually ends. I am sorry to point out that in NA and UK there have been few to none teams that actually went to LAN, even though there is plenty of opportunity to pick up the Yin-tile in both NA and UK. I am happy to see that in the Netherlands we still have a strong and loyal teamleader Jan "Fariko Acta" Staadegaard who is leading the Fariko.Yin.NL team and about to compete at @reflexGT. Competing at LAN is what makes you get noticed.

As we speak the Australian team is currently competing at the Brisbane LAN in Australia. Due to this I have decided to make the Yin-title available in Australia at the Brisbane LAN. And for Fariko.DARK being the only Fariko team competing, they will be the first Fariko team in Australia to pick up the Yin-title at the end of the tournament with the corresponding funding.

So congrats to team Fariko.DARK for being the first Australian official Fariko.Yin.AU team :)

Fariko DARK consisting of:

  • Fariko Silent
  • Fariko Kambii
  • Fariko Smiley
  • Fariko Marley

On behalf of Fariko Gaming I would like to wish them Good Luck while competing at Brisbane!

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I like to make a short formal announcement concerning accusations made by Christopher "Parasite"Duarte.

@OpTicKilla93 @coL_Karma @OpTic_MiRx Fariko pocketed our egl 9 money just letting you know

Parasite (@Para_nV) 29 april 2014

As mentioned in this post about Champs moneywe had a deal with Fariko Impact to get 20% of prizemoney won by the team. This is based on investments in the team and on my part in managing it all. For COD Champs we stepped away from claiming 20% as described in that blog-post. For the other 3 tournaments (MLG, EGL and UMG) the deal was still in effect.

We received the prizemoney from EGL of $6250. As agreed I deducted $1250 and gave the remaining $5000 to Chris, for as arule I always distribute the money through the teamleader.Also in May last year Chris gave me 5K as a thank you for all I have done for the team, which apparently he forgot to take into account. Not a big deal, just to clear things up.

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