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How to become a pro gamer #1

By: Fariko
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To become a pro gamer the road is tough, but starts with one crucial thing: practicing with a team. SO, before you even can practice, one needs to have a team. To get a team ateam-leaderneeds to set out and form a team and find at least 3 other players to join. Leave tips in the comments on how you find the players, we will add our tips as well.

If you gathered a team the next most important thing is to share expectations, if need be, make a plan whichclearlydescribe what you expect from each other. An important step you can take is to start a trial week and get to knoweach-otherfirst, After this trial period you can decide on whether you stick or go find new members.

Here at Fariko Gaming you get everything to make a team and be able to communicate with each-other. Create a groupwhich will give you a private forum to communicate, share plans, expectations etc.

But remember focus on self improvement and sharing fun with the team; winning is something that will come after thoseprerequisites. GL Gaming!

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