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How to become more creative?

By: Fariko
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icon-idea-light-bulb-with-order.jpg?widtI have seen this question a couple of times. how to become more creative? There are different ways to approach being creative, like a craftsman making a sculpture is labelled creative. But if you put creativeness to a scale, it comes down to being able to think of new things in my opinion and apparently MBTI and Jung the psychologist agree with me. ForJung defined 8 cognitive functions of which two of them are labelled as creative: Introverted and Extroverted iNtuition: IN vs EN.

IN in general is the function that creates relations between existing entities (things, processes, etc) an in most cases is an answer to the question HOW things work as in cause and effect. EN is the function that truly adds news things.

So if you want to be more creative, you should develop your N function in general and more specific the Extroverted version of iNtuition: EN.

A way to develop that is described in my Fariko Personal Improvement Plan: engage into activities of people with other MBTI types. To specifically explore, strengthen or improve creativity one should look to MBTI profiles that have EN as primary cognitive function, those being the ENTP and ENFP. Both share the EN creative cognitive function and are masters of creation. The ENFP generally creates things for a larger whole, harmony or other persons. The ENTP is more focussed on creating things that fit logic.

An example of me practising my ENTP creativity will be shown in the next blog where I show a way of relating MBTI to Jungs cognitive functions, for now the sketch version is availableand the trained eye can also spot a few trigrams plotted in the overview which come from me developing my INFP side as well.


Someone that is not ENFP nor ENTP might ask: so, you're saying I cannot be creative?

Nope, I am definitely not saying that anyone cannot be creative. I am saying that those two types (ENTP/ENFP) have the most experience with being creative (EN) for it is their primary way of acting. It will take them the least amount of energy to be creative. For anyone else using the creative NE function will come at a higher cost of energy. It will take time to fully develop and experience the effect of letting your brain go into the most divergent pattern possible. It does help to practice creative methods described by creative guru Edward de Bono. His lateral thinking process is a prime example of having a look inside the brain of a creative person.

But rule number 1 in self-improvement: start doing it. :)

09 Feb 2018 12:45:21 @dianacarol:

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