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INFJ-wannabees and other Type-wannabees be aware

By: Fariko
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I would like to share a possible negative effect of group forming based on corresponding MBTI profiles. I noticed a couple of self-proclaimed INFJ-types showing typical-non-INFJ behaviour which triggered me to investigate and analyse this.

I do understand what the trigger in general is; people that are focussed on selfimprovement will find out their temperament being ST, SF, NT or NF. The NF-group has a main focus of changing things to better mankind in general or individuals in particular. When NF-temperaments get in touch with MBTI they will inevitably find out that the types most helpful to humanity have been INFJs. Great names like Jesus Christ, Ghandi, mother Theresa will be found easily in relation to INFJ.

So, when at the start of travelling the path of selfimprovment one will be influenced by examples. It is easy to wish to be related to people that have done great things for humanity especially in NF-temperaments. Hence NF-people motivated by selfimprovement to better mankind look up to INFJs.

I know I have done that as well, I met multiple INFJs in real life and I always felt at ease with their serenity an principle mannered way of acting. More specifically in gaming I met a lot of people and amongst them was one INFJ as well. He was the one I respected the most. We had a couple of arguments, as I did have with soooo many other gamers, but the INFJ was the only one never losing his temper, never be tempted to attack the messenger (me). Not even though the messenger intentionally attacked his personality and trying to manipulate him in showing emotions and true nature. (For this is one of the motivations for ENFPs, in finding meaning in life by understanding individuals.) The INFJ always continued the argument in the most respectful manner possible. So, yes, I do admire INFJs wholeheartedly as well.

When admiration goes out of balance, one tends to feel the urge to become that what one admires. And hence an INFJ-group is very attractive to INFJ-admirers, or more bluntly put, INFJ-wannabees. An this is where the danger lies; An INFJ-wannabee risks actual selfimprovement to come to a halt by not being able to objectively look at what ones actual preferred way of acting is. For one thing hat has been proven over and over again by MBTI critics, is the fact that MBTI-results differ from time to time. This does not mean the test is bad, it merely shows the doubt of the one taking the test. So when people walk too fast along the path of selfimprovement and erroneously believe or want to believe they are INFJ, an actual danger occurs.

This danger is amplified when an INFJ-wannabee sees himself to be part of an INFJ-group. For becomming and staying part of the INFJ group requires not wanting to change its type away from INFJ. The horror! That would mean to be expelled by the group that one admires so much. This has an dangerous emprisoning effect. When it becomes a cage it has devastating psychological effects. It will not only limit the capability of selfreflection but might even trigger the urge to create evidence of belonging to the INFJ-group. Which actually is a form of selfdestruction. Also creating a selfimage that does not fit the actual self will cause continuous stress.

I do urge people to be aware of this. Sure, take a test and type yourself as a start of selfdiscovery and selfimprovement. But be aware of this specific pitfall that will hinder further future improvement. I am convinced this can also turn into actual stress from trying to shape your life into something you are not destined to be. For the strong urge to fit into a group, which is a basic human need, one can easily dismiss triggers that would shake your beliefs. And even though those triggers are truthfull and helpfull, due to the urge to fit in a group you should not belong, it will be a cause of increased stress.

Please, I beg you, selftesting is ok, but never stop doubting yourself. Only continuous doubt will motivate you to look objectively to yourself. And when you find this difficult, ask someone that knows you well to help you with a test.

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