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No longer privately sponsoring Ghosts due to @InfinityWard messing up the game

By: Fariko
Posted in:

As of now I am no longer privately sponsoring Yin teams for Call of Duty Ghosts. If InfityWard cannot support their own game, why should I? Numerous things have been fixed very late (like domination automatic round switch 7 months into the game?) but the latest "fix" tops it all: Not only did they introduce the bombglitch online, but NO communication about it at all since august 4th. The consequence of this is that effective immediately the Yin-teams will no longer receive 400 euro after placing highest amongst Fariko teams at a sanctioned LAN. Sponsorship may start again when SledgeHammer produces Advanced Warfare. Hopefully they have improved the online hitdetection by then.

07 Sep 2014 06:22:59 @arma:

AW definitely has potential, hopefully they create something that will save the CoD competitive community from the downfall that ghosts has brought upon the series. Although I do have faith in Sledgehammer.

Fariko Bramer
21 Aug 2014 19:58:26 @fariko-bramer:

I hate ghost FYI add me I'm the newbie

Fariko "King" Vapour
16 Aug 2014 00:04:57 @fariko-king-vapour:

Completely agree and people are playing Black Ops 2 more than Ghosts which is ridiculous, they've messed this years COD up and now we're relying Advanced Warfare which might not even put Dead Silence on the game. Also agree with Fariko Maverick they are throwing some pretty crazy moves and weapons into that game. Having saying that I can't wait until next year going to be a great competitive year of interesting Advanced Warfare.

Fariko Axle
13 Aug 2014 14:07:34 @fariko-axle:

agree 100 percent with this. i barely play ghosts anymore,its shit in pubs i cant imagine what its like playing competative with such an unbalanced turd of a game. i think the reason why no teams are complaining is maybe they dont want to put their career or sponsorships at risk? idk not sure how all that works,but i hope sledgehammer comes through for us and makes a great game.

Fariko Maverick
11 Aug 2014 23:52:48 @fariko-maverick:

I am getting caught up as work has been crazy. But I agree with this too. Hell its almost the end of its life and we still have the Bomb glitch out there. I wish more orgs would take a stand. We will see how AW turns out for e-sports. I think the returning/new game modes will be good for esports, but I'm not sure about all the other garbage they are throwing in.

11 Aug 2014 15:06:37 @fariko-str8ache:

Good on you, Brain. Far too many issues fixed far too late, and only introducing new ones at that.

fariko epic
11 Aug 2014 11:09:00 @fariko-epic:

I totally agree with both brainiac and zomb on this I think call of duty ghosts has been a massive let down to the point of were people just dont play it I do jump on sometimes on the hope its got better (it gets worse) and im the same as zomb and moved on to other games a few of u might know I play battlefield and ill be the 1st to admit that game is broken to the point the game crashs it self so you have to restart the console and the competative is abit of a joke on consoles with my "team" being one of only a couple that are active and willing to play on my platform But the patches of resent have fixed the game not made it worse.. I carnt see advanced warfare being much better than ghosts I think the next big cod for competitive will be the follow on form black ops 2 but only time can tell on that.

In a nutshell I think its a good idea pulling sponsorship just hope this wont effect the teams that are sponsored

Fariko Zomb
11 Aug 2014 03:32:38 @fariko-zomb:

I cant say I don't agree with this. The game is simply garbage and that's it, there's a long long list of the problems we've had with this game and IW has proved time and time again they don't care. So once again why should Brainiac fund teams with a garbage game on the Circuit. It doesn't matter that much anyways its the end of the games season. Why do you guys think I switched to learning Competitive Gears untill AW/GOW4? This game is unfair and that's the same reason Brainiac doesn't want to support it. I would like to see more member opinions on this as well.