PS3 AW Players Party Up/BO2 Team

Fariko TarHeel
02 Jan 2015 05:52:09

Sup guys. I haven't been on in a while, but Ghosts was horrible so I stayed away from CoD. I'm looking for some guys who wanna get on AW and just party up and have fun, maybe play some ranked play or just play pubs because we can, any active members just add me, Fariko_TarHeel.

Also, I used to play a TON of Black Ops 2, but recently I sold that and Ghosts, but I plan on getting BO2 back in like a week, if anyone has a BO2 competitive team that's still active, I'd love to join that. Ghosts is bad and I suck at AW, BO2 was my favorite game to play competitively so I wanna do that again. Even if it means just doing a ton of League Play, I'm also down for GB's if we can still find some. I may be able to bring a friend if there's a team of 2, or if someone wants to make a BO2 team we might be able to do that too, just let me get BO2 back and play it for a little bit to get used to it again. When I played BO2 I was Platinum Division on League Play Solo, I was a slayer with the MSMC. In case anyone needs some slaying power. My friend is an AR OBJ player, he can defend flags and he usually does pretty good in SnD. Hit me up.