looking for a team

Fariko Krakan
17 Apr 2015 21:24:04

Hi guys my name is Luke and I'm 15 I want to find or make a team as this will help grow but none ofmy friends do mMLG.com gbs so this has made me to look for team my gamertag is Hunt To Destroy on Xbox and my username on MLG.com is Bleqo_Eu but before had a different name but my teammate was disputing giving me a bad rep so I left that account and made my new one so I would like to say my play style is that I'm a obj player. But I can slayas well I run at most of the time but on and I use asm1 as I plant bomb in the first 10sec but if the enemy team is good I wait until I can so this is y u she recruit me to a team as I would make a good player thankyou for reading this I'm bleqo and I'm out and also I used to be in the top 1000 on hard points so I play all GB modes