Need members for a Team.

27 Apr 2015 19:29:11

Hi, I am looking for some players to join my team. It would be a British Competitive Team. The team is called Fariko Ace.

I am wanting players aged 15+ and for people who want to have fun while competing, preferable one more OBJ and two Slayers to balance out the team. You would need to live in the UK and speak fluent English. I am looking for good players with some CoD background, such as playing for a team or knowing the spawns and being able to use them to their advantage. I would need players to be on the 360 and looking to move to next gen in the future. I also want people who can be trusted, and dedicated to sticking with the team through thick and thin and stay active, such as scriming frequently. The player also has to have BO2, Ghosts (just in-case) and AW.

Thanks for reading, if interested, please message me or comment down below with a bit about yourself and what position you play.