BO2 Scrims XBOX 360

Fariko StingRayy
06 Jun 2015 12:38:34

Hey my name is Matt, and i am team captain of my team Cloud Nation on the XBOX 360. We are a competitive Black Ops 2 team, and are pretty solid at the game. However, we need a UK based team to regularly scrim 4v4 on the normal MLG ruleset (not sniping) so we can improve our overall game. Playing GBS off host against Europeans is incredibly frustrating, as most of the time we know what plays to make only to get trashed by connection, so we would like more fairer opposition.This would really help and would provide proper match-ups not just for us but whoever takes up this offer, as we ill both be able to improve. If there is anybody interested, please reply to this discussion or message me.

The requirements for this team are as follows:

Must be UK based, preferably in England

Know about the competitive ruleset for MLG on Black Ops 2

Would be able to play, eventually, through the whole rotation of maps (The ones on league play)

Thanks, and i hope to speak to someone soon.