developed vertical roller mill

By: gjsohcat
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In accordance with the current market demand, the domestic market demand for vertical roller mill are mainly concentrated in the following industries, such as construction and construction industry, civil engineering industry, chemical industry, the following for each size to adapt to the industry to introduce.

The fineness of the calcium carbonate powder needed in the market mainly includes the following types: 325 meshes, 400 meshes, 600 meshes, 800 meshes and 1000 meshes. For the 325 meshes, it can be used in paper making, dry mortar production, concrete Production and artificial marble production; for 400 mesh fineness of calcium, can be used as rubber filler, plastic production and production of floor tiles; for 600 mesh fineness of calcium carbonate powder, mainly for the production of fireproof materials, Such as the production of fireproof ceilings; the greater fineness required in the vertical roller mill market today is 1000 mesh or 800 mesh, for which the fineness of the powder is mainly used for the production of some liquid industrial materials such as water-based paint production and paint Production and so on.

In the above industrial applications, the user only requires the fineness of calcium carbonate powder size is not enough, but also need to determine the whiteness, content, purity and the amount of the size of the industry, as long as doing a good job in this area, the user The industrial production can also be carried out smoothly.