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The use of the Raymond mill is largely determined by the quality of the equipment, but the correct maintenance of the equipment can extend the use of the mill to a certain extent. According to the market conditions of Raymond mill, Shanghai Machinery Association investigated some excellent Raymond mill manufacturers in the industry to understand the important parameters and daily maintenance of mill. During a survey visit to Shanghai World State Company, engineers at WorldCom specifically emphasized the impact of lubrication on the service life of the Raymond mill and analyzed and summarized lubrication methods and lubrication methods of the components. 


From enterprises, the types of production equipment, all the equipment needs maintenance, Raymond Mill should be established and effective maintenance mechanism used to send someone responsible for the detection and management of the mill, regular lubrication. Currently, Raymond mill price has been living in the industry, medium level, but a good lubrication and maintenance mechanism can extend the service life of equipment and reduce equipment costs. From the equipment, the central task of maintenance is to control the temperature of the equipment. This requires both the use of high temperature materials, improve mechanical wear resistance, but also the need for lubricant maintenance of the equipment. Common lubricants include: liquid lubricants, semi-solid lubricants, solid lubricants, gas lubricants, different forms of lubricants are often used for lubrication of different components. 


In general, the main lubrication components of Raymond Mill in Shanghai include: main shaft center, grinding roller device, blower bearing, fan bearing, bearing hoist, gourd turbo box, reducer, analysis oil pool and other parts. Different lubrication components have different lubrication methods. For roller device lubrication, should be used complex calcium grease grease; for the analysis of fan bearings, fan housings, electric hoists, housings, should be manually lubricated, once every fifteen days; for the lifting of the turbine box, should be used Use liquid lubricant, changed every three months. Each part of the lubrication there is a strict quantity and time requirements, but also should be selected in accordance with the specific circumstances of the parts of the lubricating oil, so as to ensure that equipment in good condition work.

developed vertical roller mill

By gjsohcat, 2018-01-24

In accordance with the current market demand, the domestic market demand for vertical roller mill are mainly concentrated in the following industries, such as construction and construction industry, civil engineering industry, chemical industry, the following for each size to adapt to the industry to introduce.

The fineness of the calcium carbonate powder needed in the market mainly includes the following types: 325 meshes, 400 meshes, 600 meshes, 800 meshes and 1000 meshes. For the 325 meshes, it can be used in paper making, dry mortar production, concrete Production and artificial marble production; for 400 mesh fineness of calcium, can be used as rubber filler, plastic production and production of floor tiles; for 600 mesh fineness of calcium carbonate powder, mainly for the production of fireproof materials, Such as the production of fireproof ceilings; the greater fineness required in the vertical roller mill market today is 1000 mesh or 800 mesh, for which the fineness of the powder is mainly used for the production of some liquid industrial materials such as water-based paint production and paint Production and so on.

In the above industrial applications, the user only requires the fineness of calcium carbonate powder size is not enough, but also need to determine the whiteness, content, purity and the amount of the size of the industry, as long as doing a good job in this area, the user The industrial production can also be carried out smoothly.

Different types of ultrafine mill

By gjsohcat, 2018-01-18
ultrafine mill motor is a very important part of it, it is also a working part, the power of the components, played a great role in the production, if the motor fails, it will cause the production interruption, resulting in a great loss , Then how do we deal with the problem of motor failure of xzm ultrafine mill in production?
Point is the phenomenon of motor burnout caused by unreasonable motor current, which is also a more common type. Different types of ultrafine mill machines will be equipped with different types of motors, and the electrical energy required by the motor in production is very strict. If the current Too large or too small will result in the production of the fault, too small, it will make the mill insufficient production of power, unable to complete the material grinding, if the current is too large, then the ultra-fine motor mill in the production is very easy Appear burned phenomenon, so in the actual production process, we must ensure that the current size is reasonable in order to ensure smooth work.
The second point is ultrafine mill equipment motor at work, in contact with the humid air and rust, which led to the operation of the problem, in response to this problem, we need to be in production, pay attention to isolate the air Contact, to prevent the occurrence of rust, which is an important way to ensure its service life.