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Fariko Texas is a group for all Texas based Fariko Members. We will accept all Texas applicants that have been approved by Fariko Gaming. We will accept competitive and casual members. As we grow, teams will be split into "Competitive" "Casual" or "Both" depending on each individual member's preference. The only other requirement is that your posted zip-code on farikogaming.com be inside the state of Texas. Fariko Rorschak is on XBL, but PS3 members are welcome to join as well.

I started this group because I'm a Texan and I wanted to build competitive and casual Fariko teams with members from the state of Texas.

-- Rorschak is a member of "Official Fariko" and founder of "Fariko Veritas"(500+ SPM), "Fariko Aequitas"(350+ SPM), "Fariko Texas" and "Fariko United States". Rorschak is also Fariko Staff for the US Central group "Xbox.COD.NA.Central" --

My goal is to have every Texas member of Fariko in the group Fariko Texas, and to form competitive and casual teams from within the group with an eye towards personal and team development, as well as brand exposure and sponsorship.

If you join Fariko Texas, you will not be required to leave any current group you might be in.

We also have official pages for the group that you will be welcome to post content to.

Fariko Texas Email Newsletter Sign-up

Fariko Texas Facebook Page

Fariko Texas Twitter Page

Fariko Texas YouTube

Good hunting,


(GT Fariko Rorschak)

A note about group communications:

So there is no confusion.ANYderogatory and/or inflammatory comments made or posted by any member(s) about any other member(s) in group communications (including online) will result in the revocation of the offending member(s) communication privileges by removal from the group. If you're not sure whether it's derogatory or inflammatory....don't post it! Negativity is a useless and corrosive skill.We support and respect our fellow members.

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