Fariko Texas Team Formation Information

24 Jun 2013 03:19:32

Hey guys.

First, Fariko Texas is now at 27 members in a little over a week, and I want to take a moment to thank everyone that has joined so far. So,.... if you can read this then Rorschak thanks you for being part of Fariko Texas :-)

Second, I think now is a good time to start having the "Fariko Texas Teams" discussion. One member of our group has already posted a comment on our group page and sent out a brief email to everyone regarding the formation of a team with other Fariko Texas members. If you missed it, then you can go to our group page and scroll down to Fariko Replay's comment farikogaming.com/group/fariko-texas<---(or, copy and paste to your browser) Replay is looking to form a competitive team with other Fariko Texas members. Go check it out.

Now, on to business. If you are interested in forming a team or joining a team with members from Fariko Texas, I encourage you to post your information in the comments section on our group page so that other members will be able to communicate with you.

Some Basic Information You Should Include In Your Comment:

1) Are you looking for a competitive or casual team? Competitive teams are groups of 4 that will practice, scrim, compete in Game Battles and 360 icons tournaments, and may choose to enter LAN tournaments as a team. Casual teams are a group of players that would like to play together online in public matches or league play matches.

2) Are you on PSN or XBL? (Playstation Network)(Xbox Live)

3) What position do you play? Slayer, Objective, Anchor, or Hybrid? If you're not sure what position you play, message me and I'll help you determine that. Your role will not be set in stone. It just helps to know a primary role when forming teams.

4) Your GT, and whether or not you would like interested members to contact you at your GT as well. (Gamer-Tag)

5) How often do you normally play Black Ops II? Everday? A couple times a week? or maybe a couple times a month?

6) Do you have any additional information that you think would be relevant to the type of team you would like to be a part of? This could be an age range consideration, or a preferred experience level, a preferred time of the day that you are online, etc...

I'll do myself as an example:

Hi guys, I am a competitive and casual COD player on XBL. 1)I am looking to join a casual team with other Fariko Texas members to play Pubs and LP. 2)I play exclusively on XBL. 3)My position is Master Slayer. 4)My GT is Fariko Rorschak. Fariko Texas members get priority access to my friends list if you message me on XBL. 5)I am normally online a couple times a week. 6)My main goal with this casual team will be to develop content for YouTube and live streaming on Twitch. Thanks. -- Rorschak

See, that's all it takes. Now I can post this in the comments section of the Fariko Texas Page and other members will know what I'm looking for in a team.

I encourage each of you to post a comment on the Fariko Texas page with those 6 elements in it.

That's enough info for one post :-) As always, I encourage you guys to message me if you have any questions. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Good hunting,

-- Rorschak