Team Formation Guidelines Version 1.0

28 Jun 2013 20:14:17

Team Formation Guidelines for Fariko Texas: Version 1.0

  • Competitive Team Captains will have the discretion to add and subtract players from their roster in the interest of the long-term success of the team.
  • Competitive Team Captains will be required to play a minimum of 10 competitive league play matches with prospective members of the team before adding them to the roster. My recommendation is to play 100 matches together before finalizing a roster. You need to get your butt kicked a couple times in order to know how team members are going to react to negative situations.
  • Competitive Teams will consist of 4 primary members and up to 3 substitutes.
  • A CompetitiveTeamwillNOTbe considered a Competitive Team unless they are actively competing in at least one of of the available competitive environments. The available competitive environments are Game Battles, 360 Icons, and sanctioned LAN tournaments. League Play is not a competitive environment as it concerns Competitive Teams. Teams that play exclusively league play are considered Casual Teams.
  • Competitive Teams are an "At Will" arrangement. Meaning, competitive members are free to leave at their discretion just as the Competitive Team Captain has the discretion to add or remove members from the roster. PLEASE NOTE: Members that repeatedly leave teams, or Team Captains that repeatedly add and then remove players from their roster, will lose their ability to join or form teams inside the group Fariko Texas. If you have questions about this, please message me, not the group.
  • Teams that are formed from members of the group Fariko Texas will be allowed to bear the name Fariko TX. For example, Fariko "Studs" TX. All members of the Team must be members in good standing with Fariko Texas and in order for this to apply.
  • If a Competitive Team does not represent itself professionally during matches, online communications (including XBL and PSN), or on, I WILL DISBAND THE TEAM and potentially remove individuals from the group. A Competitive Team is a public representation of the brand Fariko Texas as well as Fariko Gaming, please conduct yourselves as such at all times. This applies to Competitive and Casual Teams, as well as individual members of our group.


  • Competitive Teams will be eligible to request a sponsorship application after being together and active for 6 months and having success on the competitive circuit. This is only a request for the application, NOT a guarantee of sponsorship. Individual company sponsors will have final say as to a Competitive Team's eligibility and worthiness of their sponsorship. The larger the audience reach a Team has, the greater the chance a sponsorship application will be approved. If you are not sure what I mean by this, then you are not ready to think about sponsorships. I advise you to do research on the analytics that are important considerations to business executives as it relates to sponsorships.I do not control sponsorshipsand will not be able to issue sponsorships to individuals or teams at this time. Sponsorships are a business decision made by the executives of companies willing to invest money in individuals or teams. The executive's sole goal is the promotion of their brand, not yours. If you can't make them money, and show them how you can make them money, then you are wasting their time and yours.

With all that said, I encourage each of you to form or join a Fariko Texas Team. Please adhere to these guidelines with regards to team formation. I reserve the right to amend these guidelines in the future as new information becomes available. Good luck and good hunting.

-- Rorschak