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Looking for a team? Or are you looking for members?

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-07-28

60_blogs.jpgHello everyone

I wanted to make sure that everyone knows where to post if they are looking for a team.
A lot of people are creating new topics or blogs that they are looking for a team, and these get deleted. That is because we have a general place on the forum where you can scout for players.

The general place to find a team is here: http://farikogaming.com/forum/topics/teams-looking-for-players-and-free-agents. This page has over 26.000 viewes already, and here you will be able to find a team in your region

All the blogs or topics you create regarding looking for a team, will be deleted to keep the website clear and easy to acces for everyone.

I also recommend everyone to join their country's group (if there is one) here you can get in touch with other members from the same region, and also here you will find a page that links back to the general place to find a team or members.

It is still allowed to post status updates, or ask in the chat for a team etc. But please don't SPAM it to often, and ofcourse more members read the general palce

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Fariko FAQ - Changing Gamertag

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-06-05

Hi guys!

The past few months alot of new people joined our Fariko Gaming community

I have been the person that had to accept/decline all members who wanted to change their gamertag. As you may know the requirements were to make a group, add all members, add a description etc.

This costs me to much time to check all the groups. So we have changed the requirements a bit.
Since yesterday you are able to add your gamertag to your profile, simply go edit your profile and add your Xbox Live Gamertag of Playstation ID. If you dont know how to, here's a video:

Im requisting all members to add their gamertag to their profile. If you are wondering if someone is a "real" Fariko member, you can look him up via the members section (advanced search). Please note that it might take a while till our system has updated all changes.

For upcoming Fariko tournaments such as the Fariko inhouse making a group might be required, but we will let you know if so.

Also an improvement for Fariko members who dont have a team (yet), they are allowed to change their gamertag aswell once they have added it to their account.

You might be wondering, why don't we just open up to everyone who joins the website, this way me and you can look up other Fariko members, and for us it's a good way to notice good and bad behaviour on Xbox live. For example if a Fariko named person helps other people improve their game, we can feature him on the website, and get him noticed by hundreds of members visiting our website every day.

Please wear your Fariko gamertag with respect and remember the vision of Fariko:

"Life is like a Game; Improving Yourself and Sharing fun with Others is more important than winning." - Fariko Brainiac, 2007

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EGL 9 Fariko score updates

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-03-29

EGL 9 Feature station

EGL 9 Main stage

EGL 9 Playstation 3

29/3 - 11AM - Event started

29/3 - 1PM Fariko Dragons about to play TEC Sweden on the Feature station

29/3 - 1:22PM Fariko Dragons Vs TEC Started live on the Feature station

29/3 - 2:15PM Fariko Dragons lost vs TEC 3-1

29/3 - 2:16PM Fariko Allstars are about to play Druidz (not on stream)

29/3 2:45PM Fariko Allstars beat Druidz 3-0

29/3 3:41PM Fariko Dragons are playing TEC UK right now

29/3 4:01PM Fariko Dragons lost vs TEC UK

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EGL 9 arrival - Bingo and Esports

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-03-29

Yesterday after waking up at 7AM finallyit was time for EGL, me and two Dutch Fariko teams (Allstars and Yin NL) to leave to the alwaysbeautifulBlackpool.Luckilythe the trip to the United Kingdom was without any problems.


When we arrived at the hotel where the event is also being held I got the meet my boys from Fariko Impact. After the day passed more and more gamers arrived at the hotel. Its fun to see the mix between ages here in the hotel. We have the gamers, lets say age 16 - 24, and we have the Elderly people 65+, and believe me there are a lot of them here. So when you enter the hotel on your left it says Bingo, and on the right there's the EGL venue. The elderly people are very interested in what all these young people are doing here, andapparentlyI stand out wearing my PINK Fariko hoody so I have tried explaining what is it we do here a few times :)

Together with a mix of Fariko teams we took a cab to a restaurant called Nandos, and after a couple of hours werealizedeveryone was actually really tired, so most of us called it a night at 9:30PM.

This morning Mirx and me started the day with a typical English breakfast


Sorry I forgot the beans! :$

Today the event starts at 11 AM GMT, but first there will be registrations and more, so I'm not completely sure when the first actual match will be live streamed.

Make sure you follow us on Twitterfor the latest updates and the stream link

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Fariko teams attending EGL 9

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-03-24

FIVE Fariko teams will be travelling over to EGL 9 this weekend which is being held in Blackpool, United Kingdom. 4 Xbox teams and 1 PS3 team will compete in one of the biggest console tournaments of Europe.

Fariko Impact will be travelling from overseas to compete against the European teams and get as much LAN practise they can get for the World Championships in L.A.

What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments

Fariko Impact - USA



  1. 41_blogs.jpg Christopher "Parasite" Duarte (captain)
  2. 41_blogs.jpg Marcus "MiRx" Carter
  3. 41_blogs.jpg Adam "Killa" Sloss
  4. 42_blogs.jpg Damon "Karma" Barlow
  5. 41_blogs.jpgAaron "Jergin" Ryan (coach)

They played amazing at MLG Dallas last weekend, and placed first. This is one of the best teams in the world of Call of Duty. Fariko Impact will be travelling to EGL 9 in Blackpool and see how they match up against European teams such as TCM, Prophecy, Nemesis and Fariko Dragons. Only a few days later they will be travelling to L.A. for the World Championships.

Fariko Dragons - UK



  1. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioAJ "Amaze" McClure (captain)
  2. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioAaron "FizZy" Maher
  3. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioLuke "Usain" Edwards
  4. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioJordan "Melo" Riley
  5. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioDavid "Dinge" Miller (coach)

Fariko Dragons are currently one of the best teams of Europe, at the Reflex GT LAN they did not play very well, but they got their act back together and beat TCM at the European Championships in Cologne, and managed to become 2nd of Europe. Fizzy is Fariko Dragons standard 4th player, due to age restrictions Fizzy will be replaced by Bissel for the World Championship. Fizzy will play EGL 9 for Fariko Dragons.

Fariko Allstars - Netherlands



  1. Silvano "Torres" Mombarg
  2. Pascal "KniFeR" van Dijk
  3. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioHarri "CRAZY" Lye
  4. Kelvin "Rush" Bosman

After winning Reflex GT in February they also managed to qualify for the European Championships in Cologne. The first day they beat the other Benelux team and qualified for the World Championships in L.A. They didn't play very well the second day, but they are ready for EGL 9. Rush will be playing with them for EGL 9.

Fariko Yin Netherlands



  1. Berre "Icychill" Boswinkel
  2. Koen "StricT" Jansen
  3. Nick "GifteD" Weel
  4. Peter "DaReDeViL" Steenland.

A mix of top players from the Netherlands. Strict hasn't been able to play a lot of Black Ops 2 recently. They do have World Championship finalist Peter Steenland on board of their team, so im very curious how this team will do at EGL 9.

Fariko Yin UK - Playstation 3


The only Playstation 3 team attending EGL 9 for Fariko. They won the previous EGL event and are ready to prove they are the best PS3 team again.


  1. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioDavid "Swet" Hunter(C)
  2. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioJordan "Jordanlies" M
  3. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioShaun "BROWN" Brown
  4. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioJason "CooperR" Cooper

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Three teams going to the World Championship in L.A.

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-03-17

It is a great weekend for Fariko, it started with two of our European teams, Fariko Dragons and Fariko Allstars qualifing for the European Championship in Germany. Both Fariko teams eliminated their opponents 2-0 and qualified for the World Championship in L.A.

On the other side of the ocean we have Fariko Impact, they are at MLG in Dallas, one of the biggest and most respected LAN tournaments in the world. MLG has not finished yet, but they did achieve Top 8 already, this means 3 Fariko teams will be going to the World finals in L.A.

Today we will find out how our EU teams compete against the other countries in Europe. Unfortunately Fariko Allstars got eliminated by Germany. Fariko Dragons are still able to become first of Europe and take home the price money.

Fariko Impact still has to play some matches at MLG, but they have been doing nothing but great.

Check out the ESL streamwhere you can watch the Europeans Finals.

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Fariko Allstars to World Championship L.A.

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-03-16

After a online qualification the two best teams from each European region were invited for the European championship in Cologne, Germany this weekend.

Fariko Allstars and Vengeance were those 2 lucky teams for Benelux, they had to compete against each other. The winner would continue to the World Championship.

After a first game on Hardpoint RAID, Fariko took the lead 1-0. The second map was SND on Plaza, Fariko had a hard time on this map, after a close match what game to a 5-5 score, Fariko Allstars finally took the win 6-5.

Fariko Allstars will be flying over to L.A. to compete for $1.000.000 US dollars.

Tomorrow Fariko Allstars will continue to compete against the other European teams for 10.000

Fariko Allstars

Silvano "Torres" Mombarg(c)
Pascal "KniFeR" van Dijk
file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioHarri "CRAZY" Lye
Peter "DaReDeViL"Steenland


Fariko Dragons, the team that is representing the United Kingdom has not played their match yet. They will have a very tough match coming up against TCM.

Our pictures from the event can be foundhere

For the latest updates of our Fariko teams in Germany follow us on Twitteror watch theESL livestream

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Upcoming tournaments for our Pro teams

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-03-08

Hey guys!

It has been a busy week for the world of Esports, a lot of teams practising for big tournaments. Here I will show you the upcoming tournaments of our top teams.

Fariko Impact - Xbox 360

MLG Dallas 2013 15-17th March, Dallas


Fariko Impact has proven to be one of the best Call of duty teams of the world. They did have some roster changes made since their last LAN event. But I believe their current line up is very very strong. They also are seeded #1st at MLG Dallas


Fariko Dragons - Xbox 360

European Finals 15-16 March, Germany


Fariko Dragons managed to qualify for the European finals, They will be flying over to Germany next weekend to compete against the other UK team, TCM and hopefully qualify for the World finals in L.A. Because of age restrictions they will be bringing Bissel to Germany.


Fariko Allstars - Xbox 360

European finals 15-16 March, Germany


They haven't been together for a long time but they have proven to be a great team by placing #1st at Reflex GT Winter 2013. In a interview the captain told me the chemistry in this team felt good right from the start. If they are able to win Reflex after only about 1 week practise, I can only imagine how good they will be in the future.


  • Kelvin "Rush" (Will be replaced by Daredevil due to age restrictions)

Fariko Yin UK PS3

EGL 29-31 March, United Kingdom


We also have a professional PS3 team, its has been a while since their last LAN, but they won EGL 8 on Modern Warfare 3, and are ready to prove themselves again on Black ops 2.


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