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Fariko teams attending EGL 9

By: ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit
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FIVE Fariko teams will be travelling over to EGL 9 this weekend which is being held in Blackpool, United Kingdom. 4 Xbox teams and 1 PS3 team will compete in one of the biggest console tournaments of Europe.

Fariko Impact will be travelling from overseas to compete against the European teams and get as much LAN practise they can get for the World Championships in L.A.

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Fariko Impact - USA



  1. 41_blogs.jpg Christopher "Parasite" Duarte (captain)
  2. 41_blogs.jpg Marcus "MiRx" Carter
  3. 41_blogs.jpg Adam "Killa" Sloss
  4. 42_blogs.jpg Damon "Karma" Barlow
  5. 41_blogs.jpgAaron "Jergin" Ryan (coach)

They played amazing at MLG Dallas last weekend, and placed first. This is one of the best teams in the world of Call of Duty. Fariko Impact will be travelling to EGL 9 in Blackpool and see how they match up against European teams such as TCM, Prophecy, Nemesis and Fariko Dragons. Only a few days later they will be travelling to L.A. for the World Championships.

Fariko Dragons - UK



  1. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioAJ "Amaze" McClure (captain)
  2. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioAaron "FizZy" Maher
  3. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioLuke "Usain" Edwards
  4. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioJordan "Melo" Riley
  5. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioDavid "Dinge" Miller (coach)

Fariko Dragons are currently one of the best teams of Europe, at the Reflex GT LAN they did not play very well, but they got their act back together and beat TCM at the European Championships in Cologne, and managed to become 2nd of Europe. Fizzy is Fariko Dragons standard 4th player, due to age restrictions Fizzy will be replaced by Bissel for the World Championship. Fizzy will play EGL 9 for Fariko Dragons.

Fariko Allstars - Netherlands



  1. Silvano "Torres" Mombarg
  2. Pascal "KniFeR" van Dijk
  3. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioHarri "CRAZY" Lye
  4. Kelvin "Rush" Bosman

After winning Reflex GT in February they also managed to qualify for the European Championships in Cologne. The first day they beat the other Benelux team and qualified for the World Championships in L.A. They didn't play very well the second day, but they are ready for EGL 9. Rush will be playing with them for EGL 9.

Fariko Yin Netherlands



  1. Berre "Icychill" Boswinkel
  2. Koen "StricT" Jansen
  3. Nick "GifteD" Weel
  4. Peter "DaReDeViL" Steenland.

A mix of top players from the Netherlands. Strict hasn't been able to play a lot of Black Ops 2 recently. They do have World Championship finalist Peter Steenland on board of their team, so im very curious how this team will do at EGL 9.

Fariko Yin UK - Playstation 3


The only Playstation 3 team attending EGL 9 for Fariko. They won the previous EGL event and are ready to prove they are the best PS3 team again.


  1. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioDavid "Swet" Hunter(C)
  2. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioJordan "Jordanlies" M
  3. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioShaun "BROWN" Brown
  4. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioJason "CooperR" Cooper

Fariko RiDeR
27 Mar 2013 04:57:32 @fariko-rider:

Impact gunna take it to first

Juan "Suds" Garay
24 Mar 2013 22:49:44 @juan-suds-garay:


Fariko PUBzZz
24 Mar 2013 17:43:43 @fariko-pubzzz:

Good luck to all the Fariko Teams. A win for any Fariko team is a win for all of us.

♛ Fariko Pink
24 Mar 2013 17:41:55 @fariko-pink:

Good luck too all of them! In the end Fariko will win by beating Fariko! haha :)

Fariko Predator
24 Mar 2013 17:33:11 @fariko-predator:

Good luck to all Fariko teams! :)