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Sickest & Saddest Competition results

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-02-07


A few weeks ago we started our first give away on the website, players had theopportunity to upload their gaming setup and win a Fariko Gaming T-Shirt. We are giving away a Fariko T-shirt for the Sickest and the Saddest gaming room.

Today we announce the 2 winners, I must say it was a hard decision, especially for the Sickest gaming room.


I would like to thank everyone who uploaded their setup, and promoted our competition in any way. And of course congratulatethese 2 winners:

Fariko Perseus - Sickest Gaming Room

Your gaming room is really sick, you got the 3 screens your playing on, a lot of games. A nice chair, and not to forget a couch where you and your friends can play TOGETHER on your big screen TV. Fariko is all about sharing fun, and your gaming room is a great way to share fun with others. Congratulations!


Kyle - Saddest Gaming room

As you said in your post, you still got some old stuff in your room. The little guy next to your monitor made us smile, and the drawn Fariko logo did as well :). We hope our T-shirt will cheer up your room a bit!


If you would like to see all the gaming rooms check out this topic:

The winners will be contacted on the website!

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Twitch integrated in Black Ops 2

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-01-31

Twitch is the biggest streaming site for gaming, and now its being integrated into the Black Ops 2 livestreaming feature. Gamers had the option to livestream before, but this was only available via Youtube. Now you can choose between YouTube and Twitch

Does this mean you can get rid of your capture card?

No, unfortunately there are also some negative points to it. First of all the stream quality will be 360p, which is pretty blurry, second point is that you won't be able to stream your custom games, only League play and Public matches are available.

Also when I tried the Twitch function on my Xbox 360, it worked for about 2 minutes, then Twitch would say the channel is offline, but my Xbox would said I'm still streaming. Maybe it was just me having this problem, or just the Xbox 360, because Santa from Fariko Yin PS3 tried this on his Playstation and it worked fine.

So, it is a improvement by Treyarch, but its not perfect yet. Personally I don't think they can higher the quality of the image a lotuntilthe next generation console's arrive. Let us know in the comments how you are feeling about the Twitch integration, and how it runs on your console.

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CEO of MLG confirms CoD

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-01-23

MLG is the biggest Esports organisation in the world for Console Gaming. They are very well known for their big Halo tournaments, Gears of war, Starcraft and more.


It seems like Call of duty is getting bigger and bigger in the world of Esports. The CEO of MLG started with tweeting about a new FPS game would be played on the Xbox 360, and Yesterday Sundance DiGiovanni tweeted again, this time its pretty clear, Call of duty Black Ops 2 is coming to MLG!


With this game being picked up by such a large tournament company, we can expect great things from this. Also with the EU rules being very close to the ruleset the Americans use, EU events will get more viewers from overseas, and the other way aroundas well.


Official Announcement and more info

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The first 3 big European tournaments of 2013

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-01-05

Its a busy day in the world of European Esports. Today the tickets of the next Reflex GT will be going for sale, EGL announces their venue for their ninth event. And Multiplay is coming back with yet another tournament!

Reflex GT Winter 2013

16-17 February 2013 Amsterdam


Reflex GT Winter 2013 will be held at the Science park in Amsterdam 16-17th of February, Reflex GT is the biggest Esports tournament organisation in the Netherlands. Many top teams all over Europe, and even some teams overseas played at one of the Reflex GT events before. This time they changed the venue. All of their previous events were hosted in Weesp, a town pretty close to the centre of Amsterdam. But they wanted to go bigger, and they wanted to give the gamers a chance to explore Amsterdam.

Line up:

  • Call of duty Black ops 2 (Xbox 360 and PS3)
  • Fifa 13 (Xbox 360)
  • Halo 4 (Xbox 360)
  • Super street fighter 4 (Xbox 360)

Tickets will be sold from the 5th of January via their Facebook page

Multiplay I48

22-25th 2013 March Telford


Multiplay is a huge PC gaming LAN, where gamers can enter competitions and just play video games all day long. Since a few events they have also been hosting console tournaments. Fariko Dragons and me visited the last event (i47) it was a lot of work to get all the tickets sorted. Last time they worked with 2 different kind of tickets, TUP (Turn up and Play), and BYOC (Bring your own console). If you were under the age of 18 you had to buy a BYOC (which was more expensive) and you had to bring your own monitor, (or rent one) Xbox 360 and all the cables that came along with that.

Fortunately they have changed this, now every Xbox 360 competitor can just buy a TUP ticket and enter the competition. The last time at I47 a team could sit a few tables away from their opponents. This time the opponents will be facing each other. This will improve the excitements levels of the matches.

Line up:

  • Call of duty Black ops 2 (Xbox 360)
  • Fifa 13 (Xbox 360)

The video i made at the Multiplay I47 event in Telford

More info and tickets can be found on their website

European Gaming Leaugue 9

29-31th March 2013 Blackpool


The dates of the EGL 9 event have been announced a long time ago already, but the location was still a remaining question, until today, EGL 9 will be hosted at the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool. The last time the Hotel was big enough to fit all the attending players in. This created a real social experience.

Some people don't like Blackpool, they hosted a few events there before (EGL 2, 5 and 7). But at the end of the day we all will be staring at a monitor.... So what does it really matter? Also they are planning to use a different tournament system for Black ops 2 on the Xbox 360, you can read about it here

Line up:

  • Call of duty Black ops 2 (Xbox 360 and PS3)
  • Halo 4 (Xbox 360)
  • Gears of war / Version TBC (Xbox 360)

Tickets and more info can be found on their website

Since EGL9 and I48 are so close together I am very curious if both events will have a lot of teams attending. Let us know which events your attending in the comments!

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Decerto launches Decerto rules V2 for Testing purposes

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2013-01-02

Decertojust released V2of their Decerto rules, please note that for now they are for testing purposes only. For now the Decerto V1.1. are still their official rules

Some big changes are made with these rules, probably the biggest thing is enabling Score streaks. In the USA they have been using score streaks in large tournaments such as Frag Cup 4 and UMG 10k.


Personally I think score streaks are great, it brings public gamers closer to competitive gaming, I think this means more viewers on livestreams, and more players joining competitive gaming. I think this will also mean more/bigger Esports tournaments in Europe. On the other hand, a lot of players think scorestreaks don't belong into competitive gaming. Ihaven't tested them out yet, and there are a lot of players who don't like them.

I'll be testing the rules out with my team tonight. And let you guys know how i feel about then.Make sure you do to! And let us know what you think in the comments below.


All Games:
Scorestreaks:Allowed / Before: Disabled
Team Change In-Game:Not Allowed
3rd Person Spectating:Not Allowed
Revenge Voice:No
Dynamic Map Elements:Off
Friendly Fire:On
Game Recording:On

Search and Destroy
Time Limit:1.5 Minutes
Round Win Limit:6 Rounds
Bomb Timer:45 Seconds
Plant Time:5 Seconds
Defuse Time:7.5 Seconds
Switch Side:Every Round
Silent Plant:Yes

Capture the Flag
Win Condition:Total Flag Captures
Time Limit:5 Minutes
Capture Limit:10 Flags
Respawn Delay:5 Seconds / Before: 7,5 seconds
Round Limit:2 Rounds
Enemy Carrier:Delayed
Auto Return Time:30 Seconds
Pickup Time:Instant
Return Time:Instant
Note: You must play CTF overtime. Do NOT replay the map.

Hardpoint [default settings]
Time Limit:10 Minutes
Score Limit:250 Points
Lifetime:1 Minute
Capture Time:None
Activation Delay Time:None

Banned Weapons:
Assault Shield

Banned Attachments:
Dual Wield
Laser Sight

Banned Perks:

Banned Lethal:
Bouncing Betty

Banned Tactical:
Shock Charge
Tactical Insertion
Sensor Grenade

Banned Scorestreaks:
Care Package

Maps and Gametypes
CTF: Plaza, Overflow, Standoff, Express, Slums, Raid
Hardpoint: Yemen, Express, Plaza, Raid, Slums, Standoff,
SnD: Cargo, Express, Meltdown, Plaza, Raid, Slums, Standoff
Best of 5: HP - SND - CTF HP SND
Best of 3: HP SND - CTF


Fal + Select Fire :Banned
SMR + Select Fire: Banned
Overflow + Plaza CTF: Removed
Hijacked Hardpoint: Added
Shotguns: Banned

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Player profile Fariko Impact

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2012-12-28

Because the UMG event is about to kick off tomorrow i wanted to share the player profiles with you guys already. Within the next weeks, all sponsored teams ( Yin and Dragons ) will be on the website.

Good luck to our attending Fariko teams! ( Yin: Fariko Impact Yang: Fariko Unit )

Fariko Impact:[IMG]Yin

  • Adam'Killa'Sloss
  • Johnathan'John'Perez
  • Aaron'TuQuick'Chang
  • Damon'Karma'Barlow
  • Aaron "Jergin" Ryan (Team-manager)

Team descritpion Fariko Impact NA

We are a group of four competitive gamers who have been in the pro gaming scene for a long time. We are all well rounded gamers and can do anything we have to do to win. We have been to LANs in North America such as all MLG events for 2011, We have also traveled overseas to play at EGL 7 & EGL 8. We also have great communication in & out of the game.

Johnathon "John" Perez


I started playing competitive when I was 11 years old. The first LAN I have ever been to was at MLG Dallas 2011 for Back ops 1 with a group of gamers I have been playing with since COD4 and ended up placing 4th. From there my team quit and I went to go join Team FeaR, I played with them for all 2011. We place top 4 every event and took home 1st place at MLG Raleigh 2011. Didn't really to much for MW3 since there were no MLG events. I attended EGL 7 & EGL 8, Place 3rd at EGL 7 and 7th at EGL 8.

  • Country: USA Age: 16
  • Pro Gamer since: 2011 Fariko Member since: 2012
  • Currently playing: Black ops 2 Platform: Xbox 360
  • Headset: Astro Gaming A40 2011 Controller: Microsoft Wired
  • Highest achievement: 1st MLG Raleigh 2011

Adam "Killa" Sloss


I started playing Call of Duty about 4 years ago. Throughout MW2 I spent my time practicing and trying to improve. When Black Ops 1 came along I made sure I got on a good team with great chances of winning. Some of my previous teams are IAI, Icons, Juked, GroundZero, Fear, TKO, and now Fariko.Impact. With these teams I have played in a number of tournaments (Top 16 all BO1 events, 5th EGL 8, 4th EGL 7, 3rd Frag Cup, 3rd COD XP, 2nd UMG, and 1st UMG). My goal this year is to place at least in the top 3 at every event I go to. We have a wonderful sponsor, Fariko, and everyone on the team are friends so I feel that top 3 is very possible

  • Country: USA Age: 19
  • Pro Gamer Since: 2010 Fariko Member Since: 2012
  • Currently Playing: Black Ops 2Platform: Xbox 360
  • Highest Achievement: 1st Place UMG Chicago

Damon "Karma" Barlow


I started playing competitive in COD 4. At that time I just played a lot of Gamebattles. After COD 4 I started focusing on getting on a top team and going to events. Some of the teams I have been on include IXI, yunGunZ, and TeamEnvyus. In Black Ops 1 I placed very high at MLG events (11th at Columbus(yG), 6th at Anaheim (yG), 6th at Orlando(IXI), and 5th at Providence(IXI)). Right now I am teaming with Impact and we look to do extremely well in Black Ops 2. Right after we got picked up by Fariko we placed 3rd in Frag Cup out of 1,800 teams. We look to continue oursuccessthroughout the 2012-2013 season.

  • Country: CanadaAge: 18
  • Pro Gamer since: 2010 Fariko Member since: 2012
  • Currently playing: Black ops 2Platform: Xbox 360
  • Highest achievement: MLG Providence 5th

Aaron "Tuquick" Chang


I play the anchor and slayer role for Fariko.Impact. I have been gaming since COD4, but I first really bursted onto the professional gaming scene during Black Ops 1. During my gaming career I teamed with FeaR, Envy, Resistance, Collapse, TKO, LvG, and now Fariko Impact. During the first Black Ops my best placing at MLG events was 2nd place but I did that twice, at MLG Dallas and MLG Raleigh. I also place 4th at Nationals. Out of all the teams that I have been on I think Fariko.Impact has the best chance to really dominate every other team and consistently finish in the top 3.

  • Country: USA Age: 20
  • Pro Gamer Since 2010Fariko Member Since: 2012
  • Currently Playing: Black Ops 2Platform: Xbox 360
  • Highest achievement: 2nd at a MLG event (Dallas and Raleigh)

Aaron "Jergin" Ryan (Impact Team Manager)


I am the Manager for Fariko.Impact. I handlesponsorship's theYouTubechannel, twitter accounts, andeverythingelse a manager does :). I have been playing Call of Duty since Christmas time of Black Ops 1. Yeah, I know I am a Christmas noob. Throughout that time in BO1 I wasterribleat the game. Eventually I started to meet people online who madeYouTubevideos and I thought it would be awesome for me to get into that. I started myYouTubechannel at thebeginningof MW3 and after about 3 months I had roughly 3,000 subscribers. From there I got into competitive and I joined Obey. I enjoyed my time on Obey, but an opportunity presented itself for me to join a better team, apeX.TKO, and I did. I was on TKO for a few months with Killa, Tuquick, and eventually John. When they decided to leave I went with them and made it my goal to make Impact as big of a team as possible. Right before Frag Cup, Fariko picked us up as NA.Yin which was amazing. In Frag Cup we took 3rd place and we look to continue our play into 2013.

  • Country: USA Age: 18
  • Pro gamer Since: 2011Fariko Member Since: 2012
  • Currently Playing: Black Ops 2Platform: Xbox 360
  • Highest Achievement: Frag Cup 3rd Place
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Fariko Impact is ready for UMG

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2012-12-27

They boys of Fariko Impact are ready for the UMG 10k event29-30th December in Chicago. I sure have high expectations about this team, they already provedthere selvesto be one of the best teams of the moment at the Frag Cup online tournament, where they placed 3rd. Also our Fariko Yang USA team is attending. Good luck to all the teams!


Top teams are attending this event such as:

  • 4 Not Faze
  • Influence
  • EnvyUS
  • compLexity
  • Twisted Method
  • CsC
  • Enigma.Obey
  • Fear
  • Optic Gaming
  • Roughnex

I will make sure to keep you guys updated on the website. Also follow ourtwitter!

The line up of our Yin team consist of:

Fariko Impact:[IMG]Yin

  • Adam'Killa'Sloss
  • Johnathan'John'Perez
  • Aaron'TuQuick'Chang
  • Damon'Karma'Barlow
  • Aaron "Jergin" Ryan (Team-manager)

Leave your Top 5 predictions in the comments!

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How to join Fariko English and Dutch

By ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit, 2012-12-15

Just a quick update. For the last few weeks lots of gamers have requested to join up and wondered how to do it. We made aHow to Join Fariko Gaming- page to answer (most of ) your questions.

Have a read there and use the comments for specific questions. That way we can incorporate new info in the join-page.

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