Fariko Yang NL PS3

Fariko Yang NL PS3


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  2. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioKrishawn "Reckz" Aiken
  3. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioRoel "Butcher" Faber
  4. file.php?group_name=farikogaming&functioDjani "Djani" Sadloe


From the start of MW3, the 4 of us have been playing under the name Dutch Wolves, which is basically a small Dutch MW3 PS3 community. Renzo, Santa, Guus and Bilal eventually placed 4th at Reflex GT8 PS3 under the name of Dutch Wolves.

After Reflex, we weren't able to attend several EGL's which focussed us on the last MW3 event which is LANinc #3 in Paris. (3/4 november). Santa and Renzo moved on together and picked up Butcher who is a strong AR, without any LAN experience yet, and Djani, who placed 6th at EGL 7 with Enigma.PS3.

On our way to LANinc we have been picked up by Fariko and are very happy to play for this great organization. We hope to do good at LANinc and place within the Top 3.

Upcoming tournaments:

Reflex GT Winter 2013


1st place LANinc #3 Paris France

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