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UMG Dallas

By Trenton Marquard, 2013-10-18

92_blogs.pngUMG Events, LLC, formerly known as UMG Gaming, is a premiere live tournament hosting organization for Call of Duty eSports in North America. Although they are a short-lived organization compared to corporations such as Major League Gaming, they have gained an enormous amount of recognition and popularity for their quality work. Along with providing competitors as well as spectators a fantastic experience, UMG too leaves the viewers at home thoroughly satisfied. This weekend, in Dallas, Texas, UMG Events will be hosting a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 LAN (Local Area Network) tournament. The event will begin on Friday, October 18th, and continue until Sunday, October 20th. For those who will not be attending, you will be able to view the tournament in its near entirety atKaizenTV.

The tournament will be presented by Elgato Gaming and there will be a prize pool of $20,000. UMG Events has had their rankings for teams and players from their prior event(s) posted online for quite some time, and a large amount of the top players will not be in attendance this weekend. Teams such as OpTic Gaming, compLexity, and UNiTE (mostly formerly Fariko) will be competing at the Major League Gaming Fall Invitational at Full Sail University in Florida. This means that nearly all of the competitors will be going into the tournament with virtually no advantage whatsoever over the competition in terms of bracket placement and whatnot. Surely, this will provide for quite an entertaining competition which will keep the spectators as well as the participants enthused throughout the duration of the event.


To further your desire to watch the event, UMG has made it very clear that all of the net profits from the live stream are to be donated to the Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals. In order for revenue to be sent to the stream however, all viewers must simply turn off any Ad-blocker software or add-ons. So, in a contest which is to be truly given to the best team as there is not much seeding within the tournament, you also have the opportunity to support those who are under unfortunate circumstances while being entertained.

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MLG Fall Invitational

By Trenton Marquard, 2013-10-17


Major League Gaminghas furthered its 2013 Pro Circuit season by hosting the MLG Fall Invitational this weekend at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Full Sail University is an award winning college in the departments of entertainment and media. The school is a renowned gaming and musical institution, and allows you to be taught how to produce and code these things. This event will have both Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Dota 2 in rotation for competition, and marks the first tournament which Major League Gaming has hosted in which Dota 2 is to be played. The tournament also continues the Call of Duty MLG 2013 Pro Circuit season, which will be ended at the Fall Championship in Columbus, Ohio in November.

As far as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 goes, only four teams have been invited to participate. These squads have been chosen based upon their Major League Gaming NA Xbox 360 Pro Points rankings as of mid-September. The elite teams which have proved themselves to be the most dominant in MLG competitions include compLexity Gaming, UNiTE Gaming, OpTic Gaming, and FaZe Clan. Seeing as there are only four teams, there is a much better chance of winning the event as opposed to your traditional MLG contest. The first place prize will be $10,000 and the second place team will receive $5,000. All teams are guaranteed to earn atleast 1800 MLG Pro Points from the event, even if they place fourth. As of October 16th, all of the tickets for the Call of Duty portion of this event have been sold out.

This weekend, the top four Dota 2 teams from the MLG NA Dota 2 League will also be playing against one another. The teams are as follows:Team Dignitas, noM, Typical Mistakes, and The Joikernaught. Just like the Call of Duty tournament, the first place team will receive a prize of $10,000. However, they will also be given an invitation to the MLG Fall Championship next month. The second place team will be given $5,000. Passes to attend the event are still available, but seeing as the event is just days away, not many more will be sold, most likely.



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By Trenton Marquard, 2013-10-15

87_blogs.jpeg?width=120If you are an avid gamer, youve probably felt the frustration of being matched with players online whos skill level is way different than yours, whether it be for better or worse. Jack, the inventor ofGamerPeer, was one of the people who witnessed this anger toward random matchmaking. But instead of simply allowing it to continue to happen to him, Jack decided to create something that would allow him to have the optimal gaming experience. He then launched the website which is now known asGamerPeer.comin an attempt to formulate the most in-depth online matchmaking system for gamers across various platforms and titles.

Although being matched with players with a similar skill level as you was the original idea, atGamerPeeryou can too be matched with other players who share similar psycho-graphics and interests. With a mathematical algorithm which calculates the matchmaking in an efficient and effective way,GamerPeerhas the potential to soar above all other websites which use the tedious process of using forums. This system is very revolutionary and should be utilized as much as possible. If you want to have more fun while playing, it only makes sense to be matched up with competitors who will not only provide you with a challenge but also not roll over too easily in defeat. You can too useGamerPeeras a means of finding a scrimmage against another team, which can also be quite useful. As opposed to posting on various forums and social media, users have the ability to find opponents in a timely, patient matter.


Screenshot taken ofGamerPeerin its current Beta stage.

As stated above, the site is currently in its beta stage but is completely functional. The algorithm works perfectly and an increasing amount of users have been visiting the revolutionary organizations website. If youre looking to recruit a player, find a team, or find opponents in an efficient way that doesnt frustrate you, be sure to visit GamerPeer. Be on the lookout for the release of the fully developed site at which point you may truly be blown away by its authenticity. In the meantime, follow them on Twitter and check out their Facebook page!



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Gfinity 2

By Trenton Marquard, 2013-10-14


Gfinity 2 was held in London, England this weekend, and featured 16 teams from various areas of the globe in a competition for the ages. As a result of the new partnership between Gfinity and Major League Gaming, the event was live streamed throughout the weekend on On the first day, the competition was at a very high intensity and held some of the most memorable matches. By the end of the day, to nearly everyones surprise, OpTic Gaming had been eliminated from the tournament. Seeing as they have been looked upon as somewhat of a dynasty among competitive players in the past, this shocked a large amount of the community. However, it added to the level of excitement and suspense for spectators as it gave them an example of the anything can happen saying.

86_blogs.jpg On the first day of the tournament, the broadcasting didnt go too well. The stream was very difficult to watch due to the large amount of errors, and made it very terrible for those who wanted to see the tournament. On the second day, the experience was considerably better but it still wasnt nearly as good as expected. In the semi-finals, only compLexity Gaming (coLofDuty), EnVyUs (nV), Team Kaliber, and Epsilon eSports remained. For the third place match, both teams Kaliber and nV battled in a well fought contest but in the end Team Kaliber emerged victorious as the third place winner. As a result, they won $10,000 and nV walked away with $5,000. For the finals, Epsilon eSports and compLexity Gaming played a contest which will surely be remembered by many.

In the best of 5 series, Epsilon quickly gained the advantage with a 2-0 lead. Going into the third game, it seemed as though they were the ones with all of the momentum. All that was needed for them was one more win and they would be the champions of Gfinity 2. However, compLexity persevered and managed to win two games in return. Now, it seemed as though the momentum had shifted back in favor of coL. In the final game, compLexity Gaming emerged as the victors and walked away with $30,000 and a championship. The runner-ups were given $15,000 as a team and are definitely one of the best teams in the world.


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League of Legends Minor League System

By Trenton Marquard, 2013-10-12


League of Legends, a free to play multiplayer online computer game developed by Riot Games, has gained an enormous amount of popularity throughout the world within the last few years. Along with being played by millions across the world, the game encompasses all of the traits of a successful eSports title. Because of that, League of Legends competitive community is soaring to heights many never thought gaming would get to. Within the last two, the developers of the trendy game, Riot Games, has held end of season tournament finals for LoL and have had teams from across the world participate. Recently, in their Season 3 World Championships, the live event had enough spectators to sell out the Staples Center, and the online stream featured more than 1,000,000 unique viewers while the finals were being played. Just when we thought things couldnt look any better for the future of eSports, Riot Games surprised us yet again.

Riot Games has recently announced that they will formulating a new challenger series to League of Legends which they have said will be similar to that of the NCAA or the minor leagues of LoLeSports.Its really important that we not just deliver an amazing pro experience but also make the NCAA of LCS. It helps make sure there is pressure from young aspiring teams looking to make it to pro so the entire scene gets lifted up,said Whalen Rozelle, Riot Games Director of eSports. The league will begin in 2014 in North America and Europe. They have made it clear that their league will run unitedly with the LCS (League Championship Series). These tournaments will consist of 5 teams attempting to make it in to the LCS, and the top ranked teams from the top 5 LCS tournament will compete against one another in the Challenger Tier afterward.


At the end, the teams that win then will receive the opportunity to earn a spot in the League of Legends eSports league by competing against the bottom three teams in yet another small tournament. To add to their media production, all of these matches and tournaments will be live streamed, meaning that Riot will be able to attract even more viewers. Ultimately, this concept will be a complete success as it allows more teams opportunities to make it in with the best in the world, even if the majority of them cant. The fact that the opportunity is there shows that Riot Games is an organization full of intelligent employees who are doing everything they can to further the progression of eSports.


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Mind of Meebo

By Trenton Marquard, 2013-10-05

Mind of Meebo is a relatively new eSports blog which I began on September 20th, 2013, with the intent to cover the latest gaming news, various events/tournaments, product reviews, and interviews. I've produced ten posts thus far and they have received a good amount of attention for the small of amount of marketing which I have done to attract viewers. I am aiming to release a new blog post every day or two. Please check out my blog regularly for new content so you don't miss anything! I am in need of viewers who will keep coming back! If you find my content to be well-written and interesting, then please continue to check out my posts!


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