Trenton Marquard

Carolina Games Summit

Carolina Games Summit

Saturday February 2 2013, 11:00 AM
@ Wayne Community College, NC, Wayne Memorial Drive, Goldsboro
Attendees:  @Andrew Reynolds@Richie russell@Parrish Graham@Ethan Jones@Trenton Marquard

The Carolina Games Summit is an annual hybrid festival that brings gamers and developers together to play, learn and communicate!

Seth Gardner
16 Jan 2014 08:36:31 @seth-gardner:

I live about an hour From the event and I am very interested in getting a team together to enter in this. I Currently play mostly on the PS3 but I am accustom to xbox aswell. If anyones trying to pick up a team and enter Send me a message and lets get the ball rolling.

Trenton Marquard
09 Jan 2013 00:37:44 @trenton-marquard:

Kenneth, were you playing Call of Duty and placing 2nd? Because I do happen to need a team. I'm friends with one of the guys on the team that placed first last year and he said I may have a chance to play with him, but if I can commit to a team now and get things set in stone that'd be much better.

Kenneth Johnson
07 Jan 2013 11:16:05 @kenneth-johnson:

I went last min with other Florida locals and we placed 2nd. Might need 1 more to fill in for this.

Michael Gaines
03 Jan 2013 05:38:48 @michael-gaines:

im interested but i need a team!!!

♛ Fariko Noway
30 Dec 2012 12:10:17 @fariko-noway:

too far away for me xD