Future plans

By: VelveT
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So everyone gets to this point in his or her life where you sit back and think okay what the heck am I doing now and where do I want or need to go.

I am turning 29 have a kid on the way been gaming since I was 6 and on competitive level since Halo 2.

But this all seems to come to a rapid end.

Since in the beginning I will be responsible for taking care of the little man I will not be able anymore to just wake up do a little household sit my bum down in a chair and grind non stop hours in whatever game I wish to play.

This by no means is the end of VelveT i can assure you that much.

What the future holds in store for me I have no idea, severall ideas floating around. 

Been discussing that perhaps I will start coaching my own teams or even build a whole new part from scratch.

I can tell you that i will  still be active in my own games ofcourse maybe add streaming or recording and uploading to YT to it.

Creating tutorial videos builds there are so many ways to go.

All I can say now is that we will sit back first welcome oure little prince spend time enjoying his pressence and take it from there.

After things have calmed a bit and toned down to its normall rotation of daily life we shall see what direction is best to take.

I am really sorry for any grammar or spelling errors you might find in here but this day has been so hectic with going to the hospital and everything that i dont really have the vision nor the energy left to check it all haha.

For now i wish you all well have a wonderfull week and keep an eye on my twitter page celebrate with us the birth of the newest member to this awesome family :D RAISES GLASS CHEERS!

Suzi - Fariko Barbie
05 May 2016 22:53:07 @fariko-barbie:

Good Luck dude, can't believe you are still at the hospital now. Hopefully it won't be too much longer to wait for your little man to arrive. You wont believe how much everything changes afterwards :) <3 

Let me know when he's here :)

05 May 2016 10:31:37 @farikobrainiac:

good luck!