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CoD AW - Fariko Fridays - Community Game Nights on XB1

Posted by Fariko Maverick on October 22, 2014 at 19:35 6 Comments

I've thought of doing this before. But I backed away from putting it together seeing how stretched the community was between everyone playing Blops2 and Ghost and of course the new consoles stretched everyone out more. My long time buddy PuBzZz brought it up and helped drive me to start this. So Thank you PuBzZz.

I still have some details to finish putting together on this but just a heads up on what we are doing. We will begin doing Fariko Fridays as a way to bring the community…


How to improve your team

Posted by Alan F-A on October 13, 2014 at 19:24 3 Comments

Hello, my name is Alan and this is a blog on how to become a successful team on any Call of Duty.

There are many ways in which you can improve your team on Call of Duty. The fundamentals are stated in the various sections below. Just remember, even though you want to win, as a member of Fariko you  must remember our motto: 

Life is like a game: Improving yourself and sharing fun with others is more important than…


Next Phase of Teambuilding

Posted by Fariko Brainiac on October 1, 2014 at 8:00 6 Comments

With the upcomming release of the next version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, I have been preparing an expanded approach to teambuilding. Some of you have seen the new group called Team Building which will be the central place to help with team building.

To this effect I also created an introductory video…


YouTube, podcast and devs

Posted by fariko epic on September 14, 2014 at 18:49 12 Comments

hello guys how is every one today?

how many of you on here are you tubers? Id like to take a guess and say there is quite a few of us who are. would any of you be interested in setting up a collaboration page so people can hook up and work with each other to make videos. Also as Fariko is a community why don't u help each over out and maybe give…


quick update on what iv been up to

Posted by fariko epic on August 31, 2014 at 15:00 8 Comments

Battlefield is back in my life after a month or so off from the game.  I jumped on with my team mate and friend mike (fariko steel) and had some great games if you have ever played with me or mike ull know our attention spans normally lasted a few games before it turns in to a private battle to who can team kill each other the most  but we have both been grinding the game playing the objectives and haveing fun untill it crashes that is. 

Anyway the battlefield team has seemed to of…


Quick Personal Update 9/1/14

Posted by Fariko Zomb on September 2, 2014 at 3:30 4 Comments

So as some of you may know I have been playing GOW (Gears Of War) for the past 3 months or so. I really wanted to get into the competitive scene while AW was waiting to release. The GOW competitive community is so dead that I cant even do simply that. There are ONLY a handful of Pros still playing and most of them are going to play COD until GOW4 anyways. I played for 3 months and realized the community was more dead then I thought it was. So I've decided its best for me to play COD untill…


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Fariko Sike commented on Fariko Maverick's blog post CoD AW - Fariko Fridays - Community Game Nights on XB1
"Good stuff man looking forward for AW and for Fariko Fridays :)"
47 seconds ago
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3 minutes ago
Fariko Zomb posted a status
"Goodnight guys! Add me on 360 for 8s any CoD. Be sure to follow @FarikoAM on Twitter! A great place for RTs to find scrims and more!"
13 hours ago
Fariko Zomb commented on Fariko Maverick's blog post CoD AW - Fariko Fridays - Community Game Nights on XB1
"Maverick-  Of course. I need to step up @FarikoAM and this will be the perfect thing for it. Not everyone needs RTs or scrims so now The AM Page will get some use(: Really such a good idea I'm excited."
13 hours ago
Fariko_HitmanPRO added a discussion to the group PS4.COD.NL

Is er nog plaats?

Fariko_HitmanPRO is mijn psn voeg je toe
16 hours ago
NottSoFriendly added a discussion to the group PS4.COD.NorthAmerica

Hey guys.

Looking to grow and become a better competitive player. Add me on PS4, and we can start practicing and hopefully, getting better together. :)See More
16 hours ago
Swanii posted a group

Fariko Swanii

Looking for competative players that are willing to go to LAN! Msg. Me on Twitter- @xSwanii if interested!
16 hours ago
Fariko Redd commented on Fariko Redd's photo

Fariko Twitter Header

"Yeah sure thing Ryan Toft "
19 hours ago
Keelan commented on ♛Sebastiaan "dSis" Smit's group Fariko Publics
"Hi I'm looking to add some Fariko players to play pubs with and just to talk me through the fariko clan scinse I'm new msg me on here or on xbox 360 GT: xV Colesy z"
20 hours ago
Fariko_Samy posted a status
"add me on ps4 for cod & destiny"
20 hours ago
Fariko_HitmanPRO added a discussion to the group PS4.COD.Europe

Welke cod ?Ghost of de advanced warfare?

Laat mij ff weten mijn psn is Fariko_HitmanPRO 33 jaar oud ready for war
21 hours ago
Dare Selectt posted a group

Fariko Noticed

Fariko Noticed is a roster composed of FRIENDS. Select is the leader of this roster. We will go high whit Noticed!See More
21 hours ago

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